It’s Good to Travel Happy

Long before the sun had risen this morning the air had been misty and dripping with steamy heat  from a long awaited rain storm that must have arrived in the night.

I love days like this, there’s such a feeling of  serenity to them.

The perfect weather for a jaunt to the beach, a favourite place of mine in the warmer months of the year where there’s little noise to disturb my peace of mind.

Ambling along the waters edge this morning I scrunch my toes through the cool rough sand,  tea in one hand and camera in the other as the sun makes it’s way over the horizon.

I breathe deeply and rest, bathed in the warmth of the first sun beams and there is nobody else in sight. The feeling of spaciousness soothing, the perfect way to begin a day of love and  birthday self indulgences.

Not a great one for celebrating “notable” days,  I prefer less in the way of  expectation and more in the way of allowing the day to unfold.

There have been too many years of agreeing to plans that weren’t really what I’d wanted, in truth because I didn’t really know what I wanted back then.

As I mature I know better, and I find myself stubbornly insisting this day be mine to celebrate in my own way. Easy does it, no rushing or squeezing things in.  Days  filled with generosity, enjoyment, love and beauty.

This works for me, and I know I’m right right about this because as I come to the end of the day, and lay down to sleep, the sigh of sheer pleasure that escapes … says it all.

As I wandered along, I was thinking to myself that this moment in time, just this, here and now, is enough, and wouldn’t it be lovely to live at the speed of love everyday?

Whimsically I picked up a stick and wrote  the words in the thin strip of wet sand along the waters edge and tried to get a photograph of it.

But, the waves that had been gently lapping the shore, seemed to increase in size, and reach out  to wash the lettering away before I could snap a shot.

As I watched this strange happening I realised the waves were washing any evidence of my words away just as my mind erased my practice of noticing good moments.

Weeks earlier I’d begun a practice of noticing daily moments, naming them “Just this” and feeling an appreciation for just being.

It had become an erratic practice of late, and so I vowed right then, as I looked out over the water – to find ways to remind myself that even when I am thinking life is giving out lemons…

– that this moment, “Just this ” is always  enough.

As I looked down at my writing the writing was miraculously still there. The waves had returned to their gentle lapping…. and the lettering stayed where I’d written it.  It was still there an hour later  when I returned.

And my blog “Just this… Living at the speed of love” was born

My favourite birthday treat …

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