Who is your primary care provider?

Thirty years ago we thought that technology would simplify our lives; give us greater  health care, access to more information, and simpler ways to connect with each other at the click of the button.

While we do have this amazing ability to connect with each other instantly, more information certainly hasn’t simplified our lives.  While we have more drugs available we have less doctors, and our access to basic health care or finding medical support in being proactive in our own care continues to be often troublesome .

Each passing year we find our lives more complex and overwhelming with the vast amounts of information we have access to.  We are so much busier than we imagined,  and all this requires more time and energy to manage our daily activities and less time for our own self-care.

“Despite the fact that we have a wider variety and better access to healthier foods, better housing, more jobs and more kinds of health care than we could ever have imagined; the latest medical research estimates 75% to 90% of all doctors visits are the result of reaction to stress”

Paul J Rosch, MD., M.A., F.A.C.P., President, American Institute of Stress.

Traditional medicine seems determined to address disease by focusing on “fixing” the body part or symptoms of concern.  It seems little consideration is given to the cause or to the person as a whole.  This often means that we remove the participation of the “patient” in the healing process … except in “following the doctor’s directions”.

So we need a new and more accessible primary care provider.  We need a revolutionary health revelation, that’s what we need!

Have you ever given any thought, about who yours is? …


  • The one person most qualified to assess your own experience of health.
  • You are the one most qualified to appreciate how you feel in any given moment.
  • You are the best person in the world to care for yourself!

And for many of us this means, simply inhabiting our own space, being present in the moment while we  embark on a journey of self discovery.
I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be asking for help and support from traditional health providers.  But perhaps it doesn’t always have to be our first line of defense.

Nurture yourself first ~feel happier, healthier and more confident

Prolonged stress wreaks havoc with our minds and bodies, literally blocking the body’s ability to repair, regenerate and protect itself without some kind of intervention.

Minor aches, pains and general discomfort left unattended lead to major health problems such as hypertension, strokes and the more debilitating diseases running rampant through today’s population.

It’s time we began to pay better attention to how we feel on a daily basis.  Notice when the “things” and the people in our lives are getting that bit too much to deal with, easily.

When we’ve had enough, instead of just keeping going head down, we could stop for a few moments and see what’s happening to us, how do we feel, what hurts, aches, feels strained?

We could ask ourselves, what do I need right now to feel a little better… a drink of water, a snack, a moment to sit quietly, a walk round the block or the office floor perhaps?

Challenging our perception of health as Dr Oz says, means getting out of the “I’m drowning in life” thinking, and into “bathing in the beauty of life”  thinking.  Yes it’s quite a shift, and the great thing is, there’s no need to hurry. one step at a time is always the best way anyway.

Have you ever sat down and really considered what good health means to you?. 

It’s not good for us be about feeling lethargic and worn down for extended periods, healthy is about feeling strong, increasing your energy, living better, feeling healthier, being more creative, feeling happier and having more fun and pleasure.

Time, for a transformation of our thinking and of what we value… me thinks!

The price of our technologically driven, busy lifestyle 24/7 is for most, a loss of self awareness.  We push away our thoughts and our instincts and instead we react to situations, to people and our health by habit,  rather than understanding what we really need in each moment.

Let me ask you this? “When was the last time you sat and were simply entertained by your own thoughts, or let them entertain you?

Stress is not a novel idea but the word is so often thrown about as if that explained it all! But it’s just an all encompassing word that gives us very little information we can effectively use.

We could get a little more specific.

  • What is stress for you really?
  • Are you sad?
  • Over tired?
  • Depressed?
  • Just feeling under the weather?
  • Working at fever pitch?
  • Or about to collapse from exhaustion?

If you can narrow down what you are really feeling … THEN you have something to work with. THEN you can ask yourself… “OK then, what do I need right now?” A 5 minute break, a glass of water?

In my mind Reiki is a WONDERFUL way to can slow down and add pockets of peace and calm into our lives.

Reiki is a therapy I am quite passionate about in it’s ability to help individuals shift their perspective of what is possible in their own healing.

It is one of the best and most gentle ways to begin to recover your connection to your inner wisdom, so you can take care of yourself in a way that supports not only your health but your personal growth and evolution.  Not only is it an effective therapy for relieving  aches and pain but it brings clarity to the mind and peace to your emotions while creating harmonious well-being.

When your vital energy is moving smoothly and serenely though your body you can enjoy improved health, stronger vitality and a deep sense of ease.  This is a great way to begin finding your way back to your self and what it is you need most, in order to feel better than you do now.

If a Reiki treatment is something you might consider please contact me for more information or to book a treatment, I will be delighted to help you any way that I can. read more here, and testimonials here

You have questions?

Just contact me  I’d love to hear from you!


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