From No-Where … to Now-Here

A helping hand, and simple steps out of the abyss…

Ever had one of those weeks when life just does not co-operate? Things happen you couldn’t have planned for or imagined in a million years?  Well, I had one of those weeks this week and the worst part was that I had been feeling great for days. I’d been creative, productive, feeling inspired and hopeful. Life felt good!

And then all of these wretched “irritations” seemingly arrived out of the blue?

Usually and regardless of what’s happening I at least can see at least a glimpse of, or have some idea how I might have contributed to this kind of stuff happening, but not this week. It felt like “it’s SO NOT fair”!

When it’s just all too much!

From a spiritual perspective I knew I was being given an opportunity to respond,  or pay attention;  instead of reacting to the events, then jump in and “fix” things so I’d feel comfortable again. But, to be honest, for a couple of days I didn’t really care for a higher perspective, I wanted to wallow in my misery. I just didn’t have the energy to resist the abyss, I wanted it to me non of my doing and for it all to be someone else’s fault.

Then, waking up this morning to a grey drizzling day, I decided, enough of the tantrums! So I did what often works, stood in front of my bookshelves and  tongue in cheek told the universe…”I got nothing”… and asked “YOU?”

WOW, It did!

and I was surprised ... Of course I shouldn’t be surprised. Yet I often am, at the swiftness that life reacts to a plea?  Trouble is I am never sure exactly how I get to that point of … what is that? genuine  need? deep enough desolation? What is it that triggers those perfect, divine feeling moments and AHA’s that swiftly turn us around from the dark and back into facing the light?… oh well, subject of another blog another time perhaps?

Back to the case in point, this book “Living deeply” caught my attention.  It is a book published by Institute of the Noetic Sciences and one I have had for some time.  The result of a decade long research program it’s a surprisingly engaging read for anyone seeking more depth and meaning to their lives. The language is clear and concise and filled with practical tools that anyone can use.

What was even more perfect was the pages that fell open to the summary section.  A simple list of discoveries made about what our basic needs and our higher needs are.  Interestingly, when one area of needs isn’t met, it then becomes difficult to meet the other kind and vise-versa … kind of chicken and the egg idea really.

I love moments like this, (even when I am still gnashing my teeth and wondering why it took me two or three days of misery to come to it AGAIN!) moments, when you realise you truly have no control over what’s already done … except to get on with it.  Live life the best way you can, be grateful for what you do have, and trust that when you take your attention off what you think IS “a blight” on your life, that something better, another way will show up for you.

Maybe, its also just an opportunity about living more deeply in the “messy middle” as SARK put’s it, another practice, another experience for my own growth. Perhaps it never IS the thing we think it is?  But, whatever it is … and as I am writing the sun is trying to peek out from under the heavy clouds.  I suspect I am being “heard”.

I know I am listening. And I know I do feel better than when I started writing this morning.  It’s feels enough…


What the researchers discovered might at first glance might seem to be mundane ideas to you, and they are easily dismissed as too easy? simple? For myself today, it feels like I have a resting place from which to take the next few steps, a way out of the misery of feeling temporarily helpless …  Perhaps for you too?

Basic physiological needs for healthy, happy living.

1. Are you eating enough nutritious foods on a fairly regular schedule

2. Are you giving your body enough exercise, sunshine and nutrients

3. Do you have aches, pains or discomforts you could be attending to more consciously?

4. Are you getting enough rest or sleep?

5. Are your environments at work and at home safe, and are you taking whatever precautions you need in order to feel safe?

6. Do you have an appropriate balance of work and time for rest and renewal?

7. Does your housing really suit your needs.

Is there an area for you that might benefit from some attention or improvement? I found 6!! 🙂

If so, what’s one small step you could take, right now?


What’s interesting about our Higher needs, is that if THEY aren’t being met, this will affect our ability in being able to take care of even our Basic needs; things like actually being able to create balance in our life, eating healthily regularly or treating our body kindly?


Our Basic “Higher Needs”

1. Do you have friends and family members who are supportive and worthy of your trust and respect? If not where can you seek at least one connection like that?

2. Do you regularly engage in at least one activity that brings you uncomplicated joy?

3. Is there ever a time for creativity in your life?

4. Do you spend daily time in quiet contemplative reflection? How about time in nature?

Food for thought? And a question: How will you be kind to yourself today? Just for today, I think I’ll feed myself well and be kind to me first!

What about you?

A last thought or two … I’m surprised chocolate isn’t on any of the lists? Surely a mistake?

Note to self: ADD IT!

And why is it we find it so hard to do the simple things that we know will help us feel better, instead of looking for some supper duper cure all?  Even I often overlook the simple steps and find myself looking for something more complicated…that takes more effort and work… why is it so hard to give ourselves a break… sleep when we are tired, eat when we are hungry and drink when we are thirsty… might be worth a try…. you think?

“Don’t ask me what the world needs. Ask what makes YOU come alive and go do it. Because, what the world really needs are people who have come alive.”

Are you ready to take that step towards creating positive change in your life?

You may not know exactly what it is you actually want, but you do know you’re looking for the next steps and some support and guidance to help you improve your life and accomplish more of what you truly desire!

Let’s just talk and see how we can work together to get you clear, confident and back in the Game


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