Health Benefits of High Quality oils

Why Young Living oils

Aromatherapy is one of the fastest growing forms of natural therapy. A wonderful gentle and aromatic way to heal and support pain and discomfort, emotional upsets and to bring clarity and peace to the mental and spiritual aspects of each of us.

Their unique energetic life force or vitality can affect the body in unique ways.  Composed of tiny molecules they pass  through and between cell walls and even cross the blood brain barrier.  They administer healing therapy at the most fundamental and subtle level of our bodies as well as:

  • oxygenate the brain and the body.
  • balance one’s mood, reduce the symptoms of stress.
  • energize the immune system
  • relieve pain and restore damaged muscles or other injuries
  • used in specialized therapies, such as massage and Raindrop Technique.

An Essential oil is the natural liquid pressed or distilled from plants.  The oils not only carry the healing and medicinal properties of the roots, herbs, leaves, and seeds from which they are extracted; they also carry the aroma.  And the fragrance alone of a properly distilled essential oil can directly influence everything from your emotional state to your life span.

Peace and calming
This beautiful and fragrant blend of tangerine, orange, patchouli, blue tansy and Ylang Ylang is one of my favourite oils when I’m feeling in need for some tranquillity and well-being.  It helps relieves tension and uplifts my spirits, and as a wonderful preclude to a peaceful night’s sleep I massage it on the bottom of my feet.  It’s also very helpful to calm hyper activity in children and depression and anxiety in adults.

This blend of clove, thyme, orange and frankincense contains the highest anti-oxidant and DNA protecting essential oils.  When taken as a dietary supplement, this blend promotes longevity and prevents the damaging effects of aging, diet and the environment..

Our sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain ~  the emotional centre where our moods: fear, anxiety, depression and joy all emanate from.

Tiny receptors in the nose respond to the fragrance of an essential oil then send chemical signals along nerve pathways to the brain’s limbic system; which is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels and hormone balance.  From here chemical messengers are released throughout the body affecting anything from your sex drive to energy levels, and psychological aspects.

Placing one or two drops into the palm of your hand and cupping them over your nose and mouth, pure essential oils can be deeply inhaled for instant relief from stuffy noses, sinus congestion, headaches, nausea and many more discomforts.

 Lavender oil is most commonly used  for balancing and normalizing the body and mind.  Favoured as a sedative it creates calm, serene moods.  Inhaling lavender oil increases the Beta waves in the brain creating relaxation.  It also reduces depression and mental stress while increasing cognitive performance and increased concentration and alertness.  Lavender is known as the “universal oil” because it seems to relieve so many varied discomforts from tummy aches to.

In studies conducted in Vienna and Berlin Universities researchers found that the sesquiterpenes found in the essential oils of vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood and frankincense can increase oxygen levels in the brain up to 28% (Nasel 1992)  Such an increase in the brain may lead to dramatic affects on our emotions, learning, attitude, immune function and energy levels.

Most of the Young living oils can be taken internally and massaged directly onto the skin without first diluting.

Raindrop treatment

Caution and common sense is required when using essential oils; “Hot” oils such as Basil, Thyme and Oregano can be used on the soles of the feet as in the Raindrop treatment undiluted quite safely, but on the rest of the body need to be diluted to be applied comfortably.

More and more adults now-a-days are using natural products to treat back pain, neck pain, joint stiffness and arthritis. And parents are treating their children with many more alternative remedies for conditions such as colds, anxiety and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder than every reported before.

The ability of essential oils to act on the mind and body is what makes them truly unique among natural therapeutic substances; and there are many more people who are living proof that essential oils dramatically aided the recovery of serious illness and who live pain free after years of intense pain.

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