We Choose our Thoughts

Believe it or not. We choose our thoughts

We have all experienced the physical effects of feeling depressed, mentally tired or stressed.

We also know how wonderful a really good day feels and how every ache or pain seems to miraculously disappear or at least lessen.

We know a great night of undisturbed sleep can clear foggy thinking, lift our emotions as well as our physical energy levels.

While a wakeful night leaves us exhausted and irritable and emotionally moody.

This concept that our emotions are fundamentally intertwined with all aspects of our health or illness is hardly new.  The new paradigm of natural healing is based on the idea that our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our spirits are equally dependent on the other for us to be healthy and harmonious.

Yet most of us still live our lives on a daily diet of operating at full throttle.  Our time, energy and resources stretched to their limits as we juggle family, careers, relationships, finances and the seemingly unrelenting dramas that constantly unfold around us. And we close our eyes to our own desires to feel vital and happy.

In the last three decades since Louise Hay published her books, “You can Heal your body” and “You can heal your life”, there has been an increasing interest in the kind of healing that looks at our lives from a holistic or “whole being” perspective. Ordinary physical symptoms can often be traced to painful memories or experiences that have become locked in the body’s energy field and need to be released or reframed.

Energy therapies such as Reiki or Raindrop Technique are used to access deep levels of emotion and clear emotional blocks and trauma enabling people to feel less pain, fear – and lessened physical symptoms. In some cases,  when the client has a deep enough desire to truly change, energy therapies have been seen to heal the emotional root of disease and life-threatening illnesses.

Meditation, yoga and Tai Chi are wonderful practices to connect with yourself and to begin noticing your thoughts and feelings more clearly.

Workshops and classes with the focus on emotional well-being, the art of slowing down and being more conscious of feelings and thoughts are helpful in discovering and working with the messages of the body.

Scientists straddling the fields of pure science and energy (Noetics) are in agreement that all thoughts we have carry energetic frequencies. Our bodies are electro magnetic in nature and are affected by these frequencies and vibration.  Negative thoughts of anxiety, misery and anger carry negative frequencies that feel heavy emotionally.  Positive thoughts carry much lighter frequencies and emotionally translate as feelings of euphoria, joy and lightness.

Our thoughts create how we feel

Stomach aches and headaches can be triggered by virtually any kind of anxiety and are the most common messages your body sends to let you know that all is not well in your life.

Lower back pain is particularly attributed to a feeling of not being supported; usually by yourself, or by others, financial worries and lack of self care and nurture.

Hip pain can be linked to the feeling that you’re not fulfilling your purpose, being stuck, not trusting that life can work out for the better.

Knee problems often show up when there is a lack of creativity in your life or can be due to fear of “stepping forward”

Many fibromyalgia and other degenerative diseases sufferers have found relief  for their thoughts and feelings of unworthiness and the idea that they’re not worth standing up for with healing practices where they are active participants in their own care.

Throat issues, thyroid and coughs often stem from various ideas of not being heard, not able to speak up for yourself.

Our bodies manifest illness as messages to us, to encourage us to pay attention to how we are feeling and thinking.  When you are attentive to those messages your attention shifts from the dramas around you to your emotions and your inner knowing.  If you begin to listen, you will hear hints what you need next to feel better and do better.

These messages can truly be our greatest teachers about what is going on inside our hearts and minds… and how to heal ourselves.  The more often you create time to feel calmer, the same nervous system that responded to your anxieties and fears by dumping the “fight and flight” chemicals into your body, will now flood your body with “feel good” chemicals and hormones. These chemicals nourish, relax, replenish and invigorate the cells, organs and tissues of the body, healing you.  This is what we mean by self healing., it’s what our bodies do naturally when we create the right conditions.  Your part  in that healing is to practice Being with your self more often than you are Doing; discovering ways to live with more ease.

As an Energy Practitioner I help you to become aware and connect with your inner wisdom and natural intelligence.  With the gifts of deeper self knowledge and confidence you begin moving towards a better understanding of who you are and how your thoughts and feelings direct your actions.

YOU have questions? Drop me a line. I’m be delighted to help.


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