5 Things Everyone Should Know

– as you walk through the door marked
“Big Freakin Change”!

There’s definitely change in the air!

Every day and everywhere, men and women are re-inventing themselves, changing their lives; leaving jobs to hike the Andes or go chill out in Ashrams.

And many more are now considering the possibilities of this!

We are being called to stop living superficially and to create purpose-driven, inspired daily lives.

We are being asked to step up and take responsibility for our choices, let go of the “shoulds” and to put ourselves centre stage -to live our lives with happiness, wealth and spirit.

Returning from a four day Business retreat in Atlanta, I found myself faced with some huge life changing decisions and I feel quite literally as if I am standing in front of an open door marked – “Big Freakin Change”!

I’ve made the decision to take my business to a new level of success and, while I want this change more than anything in my life, and have taken the first steps – I’ve found myself these last few days acting like I’m stuck in a blind alley, no where to go and no way to turn round.

It always feels vulnerable to make changes in our lives, leaving jobs to start your own business, changing jobs for a higher position, stretching the budget like elastic to get your dream home, dating a new person.

And it’s no different for what we’d class as smaller goals, (its all relative) – like loosing weight, learning to run or jog, putting a spiritual practice into place.

The minute we begin thinking about it or the minute we make that commitment our insides start rumbling around like volcanoes.

Our primitive survival brain kicks in  and “Fantasies” about all the various HOW outcomes start to flash through our minds like lightening. It can feel like the United Nations of Inner Critics has taken up residence – with all the squawking and yelling that goes on in our heads!

The other day I couldn’t seem to stop the flood of impending doom pouring through my mind until one moment I actually was imagining myself slumped in a shopping cart surrounded by bags of newspapers, extra socks and half drunk bottles of booze, before I realised my mind had spun completely out of control. (its true!) I can smile now, but just for a moment the “story” I’d spun in my head felt very real. But they were just thoughts.

If like me you have a MAD dramatic moment, as soon as you notice what you’re doing – just stop 🙂 Breathe and realise it’s just a moment and it too shall pass!

As a teacher I used to feel like an idiot when this happened to me, but the truth is… it happens to everyone. Now I take these moments for what they are, … a sign that I am making changes that are really important to me and they deserve extra time and attention paid to them.

5 simple steps to keep you sane

1. Get clear on what you want- how do you want your change to look in your life? How do you want to feel? What do I want more of in my life? These are the biggies, we often get glazed eyes and aching heads thinking of this – because our natural tendency is to want to skip to imagining the end result

Get the details down on paper, write out your intentions, carry them with you, post them everywhere…
Then choose one next step to take to get you a little closer to what you want and do it! Just one step at a time.

2. Ask for help – from people who will listen to you, hear your “freak out” stories and do NOT believe them.

Too many people try to go it alone and hope for the best

Find support, training, encouragement, whatever it takes to get some velocity and lightness into your dreams

3. Become an “Imperfectionist”

There’s fine line between the Perfectionist, who cries “not quite ready” and the Procrastinator who cries “yes, I’ll get right on it after I’ve… just have to do this first (fill in the blank)” Neither get the experience of completion or satisfaction and I think both create an underlying feeling of misery in our lives.

I also think it’s the cause of the “almighty never-ending to do list” most women can never get rid of!

The Imperfectionist on the other hand is a joy to behold! She gets to practice new things, try new ways and discovers the joy in completing tasks and feeling the satisfaction that comes from that.

4. Find out and do the things that bring you pleasure

Try new things and give yourself permission to do them! This is one of the keys to women creating their own Authenticity and it serves others by giving them the chance to bask in your “glowing”

Start noticing the “SMALL” things in life, because one day you’ll look back and realise they are the “BIG” things!

5. Let go of the idea of mistakes. We make choices in every moment of the day, some go well, others NOT so much. That’s all. Every choice gives us an opportunity to learn, to grown, to feel better.

Keep taking small steps and making different choices, sometimes we have to find out which way we don’t want to go before we notice our true path!

Love, Lucinda


I work with helping people to change their lives all the time. I am an enthusiastic teacher, coach and mentor to those I am fortunate to work with. I help you find your way through difficult moments. Cheering you on through your discoveries and victories and gently holding you accountable when you stray 🙂

If you have any questions, or want to know more about any of the courses, therapies and workshops I am offering please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m be delighted to talk with you.

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