Embracing Transitions

I love the transition between seasons. Or did!!

Hopefully this week is just ONE of those weeks! 

and it will all be better tomorrow 🙂

Has this week felt like that to you?

One crisis after another, people throwing tantrums, weird stuff going so wrong for seemingly no rhyme or reason, feeling this crazy overwhelm when even tiny things don’t go well?

Everyone at work today was feeling it so maybe you are too!

When these kinds of experiences show up, as soon as you can just step away from the drama and breathe.

Find something to do that’s as pleasurable as possible, breathe and then breathe again.

Try your best not to get caught up in the high emotional craziness, or try and fix it immediately.

And Yes, I know this is all so much easier said than done.

But, if you can  and as soon as you can, bring a little awareness in, observe, tell yourself it will pass… I promise you it will…. and breathe… 🙂

No problem is ever solved in panic or frustration, in fact we can often make things worse. If you can wait until you can think clearly the next step will appear with more ease!

So IF you feel like you’re dealing with two weeks simultaneously … then at any “crisis” moment… STOP

… just long enough to feel yourself in your body and hear yourself breathing.

Don’t react like a madman – (and if you do, forgive yourself and ask someone for a hug!)

It’s not unusual during transitions to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally very sensitive; energetically you may feel more easily tired or feel like you can’t cope very well.

Usually transitions tiptoe in between our everyday activities unnoticed until suddenly they are in our view. This one feels like it arrived like “a cannonball” into our midst!

It will really pay off for the next couple of weeks, if you take some extra care of your body and mind; slow down a little and notice the change of season.

A few earlier nights to bed in the week, and take extra care with choosing what you are eating.

Notice too, once the drama subsides that there may also be a sense of exhilaration about oncoming changes, so this is a great time of year to practice observing yourself and your world around you. 

Take life’s pleasures, and there are so many of them. These are unexpected gifts to us that we can all celebrate in different ways.

One of my favourite practices is to keep an ongoing I LOVE list. Its a great way to train your mind to search out and explore the good in life,  a great distraction and especially good to have on hand to read when you’re having one of those persnickety days… or weeks!!!!

Search out some of YOUR pleasures and celebrate them!

Here are some to get you started…

Laughing when you’re not supposed to…

That bittersweet moment when you have finished a really great book…

Waking up a few minutes before the alarm and feeling really rested…

Random good hair days that make you feel fantastic and beautiful…

Damp speckled cobwebs in the early morning…

Kissing someone and smiling at the same time…

When you’re hot under the covers and stick your foot out and…ooooh bliss, coolness!

Being the next in line…

That special huge hug that makes you feel truly seen and safe…

The way the sun dapples the ground through the leaves of a tree…

Getting a second chance…

Hitting all the green lights when you are in a hurry…

An aching face from laughing so hard…

Loving who you are when you are with a special friend…

Shift your mood today (and any day it’s all going topsy-turvy) by creating your I LOVE list and keeping it somewhere you can see it!

Until next week, may I wish you all lots of love, moments of peace and grace while we all transition!

Love, Lucinda xo

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