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The soul always knows how to heal. The challenge is to silence the mind Caroline Myss

I’m often asked the question “so what is Reiki?” And, if I am quite truthful,  at times I tend to sigh inwardly a little when I’m asked …

NOT, because I don’t want to talk about it and spread the word about this great method of healing, because I love to talk to people about how Reiki is a wonderful boost for the body and mind.

But faced with someone who knows little or nothing about energy healing – the answer at first blush sounds just a little bit out there.

“It’s a form of energy medicine channeled through the hands of a Reiki practitioner…that helps release blocks in the energetic fields and centers of the body”

As you can well imagine, I can get some really odd looks after sharing this information, or worse, the long and uncomfortable pause followed by a single response like – “Oh.”

Aaaawk – ward!

But, when all’s said and done it really doesn’t matter what people think about Reiki, it’s all about how they feel after they’ve tried a session or two.

Quite frankly, Reiki rocks.

Having practiced Reiki for years and given hundreds of treatments, I can make this statement with confidence.

There are so many ways to qualify Reiki as an amazing and awesome form of energy healing, but it would take more time than you have to read right now … here are just some of my favourite reasons I believe Reiki rocks:

1) It feels sooooooooooo darn good.

The most common sensations my clients experience during a Reiki treatment are deep calm and a sense of being soothed and taken care of.

They feel lots of heat and warmth from my hands, gentle vibrations and beautiful swirling colours. Afterwards, an often surprising feeling of lightness and mental clarity are the common comments. Needless to say, these alone are often enough to get people to come back for another Reiki session.

2) It will benefit you (even if you don’t think it will).

You don’t have to believe in it to work – but I will say the more open minded you are “willing” to be, the more profound your experiences will be. Some of my most anxious clients walk away from a Reiki session stunned by their experience.

Headaches seem to melt away, tension in the body eases, and the mind clears almost magically. Old emotions get stirred to the surface and are released. So regardless of your thoughts about the validity of Reiki- Believe it or not – Reiki works.

3) It’s safe – there are NO side-effects.

Reiki can be safely used anywhere, anytime with any other healing regime you may be undertaking, including your own wellness program. It even increases the effectiveness of supplements and medications you may be taking.

4) It’s sexy.

No really  … it is! Feeling healthy and energized is a sexy feeling. You feel connected, inspired and  vibrantly alive.

And I truly believe that Reiki is definitely a catalyst for healthy and happy! A stronger energy flow through the body creates more energy and aliveness in a person, the mind clears and enthusiasm returns. When you feel alive and enthusiastic – you feel healthy -and sexy – am I right?

Are you convinced?

The only way to know for sure if Reiki is right for you is to try it out.

What do you have to lose?

I’ve had so many clients get off my table just amazed at their experience!

But, you’ll never know until you try it.

Are you convinced yet?

Reiki rocks.

Here’s how you can get yourself some 🙂

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