Life is a Mapcap Caper

It’s an adventure from start to finish – from the moment of our birth to our last breaths.

It’s an escapade of exhilaration, a quest filled with journeys and zig-zags, turnarounds and giant leaps forward.

Life can be scary and boring, and it can be filled with peace, full of romance and loving.

It’s a thrill and a challenge, road-bumps and great spaces of transitions.

And you can never be quite sure what’s coming.

Life is what it is!

We can’t hide from Life. Life is here for us to live to the fullest.

Take your courage in your hands and step up and into your Life.

Need a break then step outside, get some air and remind yourself who you are and who you want to be.

Open your mind, your hands and your heart and ask for what you want.

Be open to receive, be willing to believe you deserve to have more.

Don’t hide and play small, you may miss the wonderful adventure that’s available to you.

Take risks, spread your wings. We are all afraid at times, you can still do it anyway!

Don’t let the safe easy choices slow you down because you’re afraid of what other people might think or can’t trust yourself to deal with the unexpected.

Part of the whole adventure of life is feeling the fear and doing it anyway – and then coming out the other side, stronger and more resilient.

Not sure where to start?

Then start where you are, small steps, one new inspired action at a time, one new thought at a time, one new practice that captures your imagination and attention.

“Your first attempts at anything are not the measure of your possibility. They are crusty husks of disguise. They’re also the cost of initiation, the rites of passage. Face your own efforts with passion and pride.
You’re on your way.” Tama Kieves

Be honest with yourself about everything, about what’s right, about what needs needs to change.

Be honest even if only to yourself to begin with about what you want to achieve and who you want to become.

Search your soul for what you alone desire, learn to trust yourself and practice honoring what you say you want to do and become.

Surround yourself with people that hear you and love you “just the way you are”.

Keep your distance from those who want you to be someone you’re not or that believe they need to direct you, correct you and change you.

Choose friends who reflect your own qualities and those you’d love to have.

Choose to be around people who respect you, people you are proud to know and who reciprocate kindness and loving attention.

Who cheers on your achievements, lets you find your own way and encourage you to shine your light so they can see the dark corners and thrive in their lives too.

Start cheering on others victories, recognise their skills and gifts and show them your appreciation for their presence in your life.

Be happy for their progress, let them share the light of their growth and achievements and allow yourself to be uplifted as well.

Embrace forgiveness and stop carrying the past around.

Forgiveness is not saying what happened is OK. Forgiveness means letting go of the idea that “IT” (whatever that was) should never have happened.

Be kind to yourself, let go of the “weight” of resentment and pain. Choose to see it as an opportunity for growth and move on.

Wherever you are today~
may you be filled with loving kindness
may you be well
may you feel loved and adored
may you hear and follow your soul’s longings…

Namaste everyone!

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I believe everyone knows what they want, but life sometimes just gets in the way and we think we have forgotten. We forget that we have all the right questions and all the right answers inside us – and that’s where I come in!

I love working with people and watching them take charge of their lives. Helping them discover next steps and seeing them take them. So that when they hit another “bump-in-the-road” they know what to do for themselves!

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