The Grounding Power of Gratitude

“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.
” William James

PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME, “What are affirmations and how can I work with them?”

So for those who aren’t very familiar with them I’d like to tell you a little about them and how they can affect your life in surprising ways .

Any statement you make, negative or positive is an affirmation. In fact anything you say or think is an affirmation.

Affirmations said enough times, become our beliefs.

A lot of what we say and think is negative. This doesn’t lead to positive experiences.

So if you are feeling fed up and miserable a simple remedy is to take a deep breath and think, feel, say or read something more positive.

This opens the door to healing.

Healing can just mean creating something better than was there to begin with.

Saying an affirmation or a positive statement is the beginning of change. It tells you that you are not a victim to your moods, or to the person who just dumped on you or to your circumstances.

Affirmations in essence tell your subconscious, you are taking responsibility and you are aware there is something you can do to change.

Affirmations cause a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes.They are catalysts, tiny sparks that create extraordinary results.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
Oprah Winfrey

Start using affirmations now, today!

I was thinking tonight as I write that probably every single person reading my newsletters is better off than most people in the WORLD! That’s a crazy thought isn’t it?

Does that put your life in a little more perspective?

Start looking for ways to feel grateful for everything in your life.

This afternoon I was waiting for the call from my garage to tell me my car was serviced and ready to be picked up. They did call. Only it was to tell me my brakes needed doing as well… NOT what you want to hear at this time of year!

My first thought was “OMG this is the LAST thing…….” and I caught myself just in time. Realising indeed, this is certainly not the last thing I need. I can think of way worse things to happen.

So money aside, because I have no control over that bit right now…

I thought… HOW LUCKY AM I?
I have a car
It’s newly serviced
It has brand new SAFE brakes
My snow tires are in place
I have money for gas.

What’s to complain about?

An hour later I had 3 clients booked for Reiki and Raindrop sessions!
THAT is how this “stuff” works folks!

Start to take back the power you give away to people or circumstances that upset you, scare you or make you feel small and helpless.

They drain your energy, your creativity and your ability to resolve any difficulty you face.

Negativity stops life showing up in the form of pleasant surprises, synchronicities and miracles!

Start now before the “silliness” of the season carries you away into frustration and the busy-ness of all that has to be done!

Allow the next few weeks to awaken a deeper sense of gratitude for the joy, love, kindness, and beauty in your life. Thoughts of appreciation for just a few minutes a day, can shift the nervous system toward a calm state, which has profound effects on heart health!

And make sure you put your own unique self at the top of the list!

Studies have shown that people who cultivate feelings of gratitude and that use affirmations in their lives have better health, feel more connected, achieve more of their goals, exercise more, sleep better, improve their relationships, become more generous, and feel happier.

Whether or not you believe it will work doesn’t matter.

It works anyway.

How great is that?

Lots of Affirmations to get you started here!

YOU have questions? Drop me a line. I’m delighted to help.

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Are you overwhelmed in your life or anxious about a decision you need to make? Are you ready to make changes in your life and ready to start helping yourself, but you just don’t know where to begin?

I believe everyone knows what they want, but life sometimes just gets in the way and we think we have forgotten. We forget that we have all the right questions and all the right answers inside us – and that’s where I come in!

I love working with people and watching them take charge of their lives. Helping them discover next steps and seeing them take them. So that when they hit another “bump-in-the-road” they know what to do for themselves!

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