The Gifts of Pause

I always find this time of year bitter-sweet.

Sweet with planning ways to make Christmas special for ourselves and our families. Looking forward to time off work, to relax, have fun and hang out with those we love.

Saddened by the commercial frenzy that often eclipses our ability to give generously with peace and love and pleasure. And saddened by the lengths people feel forced to go, to make this years “perfect” holiday.

It’s SO easy to get mired in the details of everything you must do and how to find the time, energy and money to do it all, and miss the whole reason for the coming celebrations.

Have you given any thought to what YOU need in the busy-ness of it all?

How much energy are you expending every day trying to keep up with all the plans and tasks to be completed?

How kind are you being to yourself as you rush to make everyone happy?

Is your “Good Girl” out there front and centre, smiling and juggling life like a maniac; and inside you’re screaming for a bit of peace and quiet to think and re-vitalise your flagging spirits?

Take time for YOU!

Daily we interact with our energy, and largely unaware we have this amazing ability to not only raise our own energy vibration, but when we do so this also affects everyone around us in the same way.

Imagine the feeling of being ecstatically happy or excited. You can feel your body literally humming with energy and vitality can’t you? You did that! You felt SO good that you released a flood of energy through your body.

Or think of a time when you felt so peaceful and at one with yourself. Remember how your body softens, your mind stops chattering and you instinctively breathe deeper and more slowly. You feel it in every cell of your body.

This is how powerful we are!
And most people have no idea they have it!

When we are kind, thoughtful and caring of ourselves we replenish our own life force energy.

When we accept that right now we may not know how to do things differently and let the circumstances just be as they are. We open up the space for other possibilities to show up for us.

Where are you missing this in your life, and what could you do today to increase your “feel good” quota?

Could you give yourself pause, create small gaps in the day to stop, and to breathe, and ask yourself “what do I need right now”?

Take three slow breaths, give yourself permission to allow the silence to dawn on you. Then let it penetrate your mind and quiet your thoughts.

Unravelling the continuous stream of “to do’s or haven’t done’s”, by getting quiet for even a minute or two – allows the glimmer of new ideas to emerge and releases the drama of the moment so you can get creative.

The brain only does what you direct it to do. If you are thinking all of the tasks on your list, it will keep finding more and more things for you. You’ve literally given those orders! If however you direct your mind to peace it will then turn in that direction.

It just feels difficult to begin with because our habitual way of thinking is always looking for what’s wrong … it takes a little practice to remember to look for the Good & the Peace.

Another simple practice is to close your eyes and let your hearing be your dominant perception. Listen intently, reach out for the quietest sounds in the room or space where you are, and let your attention rest there.

This is how I taught myself to meditate, and I can promise you, if you practice frequently for short periods your mind will begin to long for the peace this brings. Even for the briefest of moments.

Whether you believe it or not YOU are the master architect of your life. You have a power within your grasp and a well of inner wisdom that supports it. You can positively affect your vitality, your peace and your happiness. Any time you choose to connect with it!

So this season make choices based on what feels good for you. Choices that support your mental and emotional health and your physical well-being.

And while you’re at it, keep a note of anything in your life right now you don’t want to take with you into next year. How many times have you said …”I am never doing this again”

Make a note of them NOW and resolve to find ways to do and be differently next year.

Choose that this time next year, you are not wishfully thinking…
“when will I ever learn”!

Believe that you will be saying… WOW Look at me NOW!

YOU have questions? Drop me a line. I’m delighted to help.


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