Honoring Your Experiences

Another year coming to a close,

filled with triumphs and tribulations, memorable moments and unforgettable lessons.

I think this could be a great intention for 2013!

We have officially arrived in the busy season, schedules bursting at the seams, so it’s important to plan if you are going to carve some time out for yourself to breathe or do something to revive flagging spirits.

As I’ve started looking back over the year I realised that despite what 2012 delivered on my doorstep and sometimes with a big thump!
That it’s fairly useless to sit around wishing some things hadn’t happened.

I tried that.

They still happened…

I have always admired those people who take time out in December to review their year, see what they learned and what they might do better.
Here I am giving it my best shot. It’s certainly a more relaxed time of year to be doing it, than my usual scrabble between recovering from Xmas and preparing for the New Year.

So I thought I’d share a few things that I noticed really helped me this year.

Accept life

as it is,
It’s not always easy accepting things as they are now.

I have my moments when I rail against some invisible force that’s blighting my life

I have my moments when I sulk and bewail my poor sorry misfortunes.

Well, it’s not easy when you’re feeling totally clobbered in the middle of a crisis, to see the big picture or wonder what “good” is going to come out of this.

Personally I think it’s good to crawl under the covers for a short time and let everything settle.

Once you’ve given yourself permission to feel the “pain” of the situation then it’s time to breathe.

Let the moment be as it is.

Solutions always show up in ways that are probably better than than you can imagine.

Trust that life is for you and not against you!

If we are honest with ourselves, willing to find answers and to trust that we have a wisdom in us that is always there; we can always find the “gift” in every event or circumstance.

But you won’t find it when you’re all bent out of shape or acting out in the drama of the moment

Be willing to trust that there is a resolution that benefits everyone

I do really believe that every moment is perfect for our growth …

I also believe that I believe it MORE when my life is going well

… Hey, I am still a work in progress too 🙂

Yet even the difficult moments have their own gifts

Opportunities to stretch ourselves and grow.
The perfect time to do something differently
Get encouragement, give up playing at being a victim,
or maybe to let go of an expectation you have that’s out of your control.

So really everything is perfectly timed! 🙂

“It will all turn out OK in the end, so if it’s not OK it’s not the end”

I’ve come to love this quote and it’s kept me right side up more times than I can count this year.

It’s my perfect reminder to slow down and stop trying to fix what might not be broken!

Speak up for yourself and get to know your worth

Every year I do better but its still a challenge to always say outloud what I need.

However for anyone out there who is still struggling speaking up in the moment

…I promise you the world won’t implode when you do!

I find when people treat me like an option, I let them know immediately or take myself out of the equation.

I no longer allow part time folks to have a full time position in my life

I no longer keep the peace just so others feel better.

There is always a way you can be respectful and truthful… and then if you must …walk away. 🙂

Take action. Any action, just something…

When I started learning about energy and spirituality, I always was told, listen inwards and wait for the answer.

Definitely listen inwards a lot! Make time to pause in the day more than once – journal – meditate – take a long walk or a short walk and enjoy!

I have learned (the hard way this year) that some action, even the fake it till you make it action, is the best next step when you’re unsure, don’t know what to do or are afraid to make a mistake.

Even just putting extra attention on taking care of you counts in this instance. In fact, it’s probably the best kind!

I discovered that Action does more than get you moving
• Action stretches you through those moments of fear.
• Action teaches you courage and persistence.
• Action shows you can trust yourself.
• Action helps you to do what you say is important to you
• Action gets you to completion
• Which gets you to achievement
• Which gets you to being able to celebrate successes!!!

Now that’s all good!

YOU have questions? Drop me a line. I’m delighted to help.


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