Kiss the Ones You Love

“While you breathe, sing. While you live, love. While you work, shine. While you walk, dance. While you see, dream.” anonymous

And finally the Holiday of all holidays is almost here!

The season of goodwill, of counting our blessings, celebrations and sharing and smiles is upon us. Time to enjoy being with family and friends, and take a well deserved pause before the New Year arrives.

A wonderful opportunity to give to those less fortunate than ourselves and time to thank the people in our lives for their presence, their help, support and encouragement.

SO make this the time to Kiss the ones YOU love.

Smile more as you greet people and be really present with everyone in your life. Be really here with the season and especially with yourself.

Say, “I love you” “so good to see you” and “job well done” to someone every day.

Say “thank you” more often and really mean it.

And I’d like to take this moment to
Thank YOU for being on my list.

Thank you for letting me into your email inbox each week to receive my newsletters.

Thank you all of you for your encouraging, enquiring, funny and insightful responses.

Thank you to those of you who are my clients and students!

And mostly thank you for your soulful persistence in your own personal growth. This is powerful work we all do and it changes worlds – Your world, My world and the worlds around us that each of us touch each day.

You are all my inspiration!

I warmly thank you for your support this year and wish you and your loved ones a Happy Christmas and a fulfilling, cheerful and healthy 2013!

Winter Solstice Magic

Solstice means the “stand-still” of the sun, which happens between Dec 21st-24th. For the last few months the sun has been making it’s way southwards across the horizon, each morning rising a little more south than the morning before. During the next 4 days it will rise in the very same spot each morning.

On Christmas day, it begins to move once more, retracing it’s steps back this time northwards along the horizon until the Spring equinox.

This is the rebirth of the sun into the Spring cycle – and the return of longer days! YIPPEE!

Long long before the Church of Rome “borrowed” this particular holiday for their special mass celebrations, our ancestors thought this standstill of their “Great Bringer of Light” meant it was waning in power and refusing to move. For them these four darkest days of winter were days of anxious waiting and watching.

They believed the sun needed to be sung to, to help it regain it’s power. And, so they sung and they waited to see if their song offerings would regenerate the suns energy and return its power so it could move once more.

When the sun began to trundle back along the horizon on December 25th this became a day of great festivity. Each year this day was devoted to a the special celebratory feast of forgiveness. A time for letting go of the old and celebrating new life; a time of re-birth and redemption.

So the four darkest days of the year became days of reflection and observation.

I love these next few days, when all the organising and rushing slows down, there’s time to pause and fully enjoy the moments.

And the anticipation of Christmas day becomes heightened.

May you go deeper during this season, and may you reach
higher in 2013.

May you fearlessly seize what is good and loving and share it generously with those around you.

A powerful time of reflection.

What are the gifts you have received from this year and who are the special people in your life you’ve been blessed to know?

Which would you like more of. What strengths would serve you to develop in yourself?

A Powerful time to Dream what do you want more of in your life.

Your life’s not accidental, you’re here on purpose. Dream as big as you can as often as you can…it really matters. Dreaming moves us into possibilities, new encounters, synchronicities and calls in new experiences and adventures.

A Powerful time of Celebration. For all that the year has brought to you. The experiences and the new understandings. The empowering ones that lifted your spirits and gave you the opportunity to dare and the ones that marked new learning and new directions to strike out towards.

A powerful time to embrace forgiveness, not only for others but also yourself. Forgive. Free your soul, drop the weight of blame and hatred. This is not about saying what happened was OK. It’s saying to yourself the weight and the pain of carrying the burden of blame is over. Refusing to allow it to cause you any more pain.

Take the time over the holidays to really listen to your inner yearnings and to what it is you really want. What are the missing pieces? What are you tired of doing, being, thinking and having? What are you willing to let go of? What are you willing to do to …

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