5 habits that stick for a Healthy 2013

Kiss Yourself and Move Gently

Hands up if you’ve just experienced a year of crazy changes Good and not so Great or Otherwise?


I’d so hate to feel I’m the only one riding the roller coaster!

So you’ve survived the hectic holiday season with the minimum of dents and dings? Are you feeling that push now to improve your life in some way to get healthier, more energised, organised or happier?

Back in December I started planning some ideas for how January was going to look for me. There was so much I wanted to do! But first on the agenda, was finding new ways to live more peacefully and a little more structure to balance the work and playtimes.

Look at YOU ahead of the game for a change!… I remember thinking with a smile.

Then I got the flu! … and the exhaustion that followed it, wiped me out for the rest of the month, and all of the holidays.  So much for good intentions!

I can laugh about it now, but I was not a happy camper at the beginning.  Having the energy of a flea when you have things to do and places to go, can do that to you!

What I learned, was that on even on the worst days, listening to my body and giving it what it needed in that moment,

I cannot remember the amount of times last year that I helped clients to be aware of the tolerance they had to the stress and busyness in their lives.   But, what at first glance seemed to be a complete disaster, has turned into a whole new respect for my mind, my body, the energy reserves it contains and it’s wise wisdom.

Here’s to stepping into the New Year without the pressure of having to do it all perfectly!

I don’t know exactly when we began this compulsion to give our attention to everything but ourselves. Why do we resist so strongly this idea of self care first above all things?

Even now as my strength returns it’s so easy when my body begs for sensory respite, that my first thoughts spring to all the reasons why “not just yet” … “In a minute.” My mind defaults with no conscious thought to inventing reasons to stay busy, add a little something else to the list of things to be done first!

It’s been a curious journey, unraveling the habit of avoiding what is most wanted. What I most need. I’m also noticing that the more responsible I feel the easier it is to slip into this self denial.

On the good side I note here, I’m falling in love with my inner “imperfectionist” She’s so much more relaxing to be around, she doesn’t berate me when I forget to do something and she reminds me daily of all the new and good in my life, of which I am daily discovering there is a lot!

So I thought I’d share some of the wisdom I’ve learned the last few weeks from taking small steps at a time. I’m taking the to heart and bringing them with me this year; because even in this short time I am noticing they are adding up to big healthy and happy changes in my heart and my life.

So, let go of your search for the grand system that brings instant change, and instead consider applying simplicity and grace to your transformation. Gentle movements that heal your heart and expand your notion of whats possible for you!

Let’s lean into our dreams this year with kindness and gentle attention. We cannot help but be rewarded with a whole new feeling of confidence and success!

1. Who do you want to BE?

When you think of the changes you want to bring in, ask yourself who do you want to be? If you’ve sabotaged almost every attempt at change in your past, then step back and decide that you want to BE different this time. Being different equates to naturaly doing things differently. And when we do differently, we get fifferent results? Sound like a good plan?

So choose to Be willing. Be Kind to yourself. Be wise. Be patient. Be inspired with yourself. Be willing to not get it right all the time.

Bask in your own belief and befriend your lovely self. It’s so much easier to change your eating habits or add an exercise routine when you think about yourself becoming strong,or flexible, or more energised or more confident.

2. Begin something.

How cool will it feel to actually begin instead of just sitting around planning and thinking about it. So get up and get moving even if it’s to do the tiniest first thing. I started my exercises so imperfectly, and for only 5 mins a day. After only a few days I started more energised and then enthusiasm kicked in as I added 5 mins extra to each workout. If there was a day I just didn’t feel up to it, I did the minimum.

Most surprising is, although the exercise feels good, what’s even better is that feeling of accomplishment.. “look at me stretching and feeling flexible and energised”. Almost 4 weeks later, most days I do 45mins or more of some kind of movement. And I am really enjoying it!

So take that first step forwards this year and give yourself the experience of following through with what you say you’ll do! Courage really is a great motivator!

3. Nurture your self-confidence.

You have all that you need within you to become your best possible version of YOU. So why not choose to believe that you’re capable of pushing yourself much further than ever before. Every time you do what you say you’ll do, you build a memory of success and confidence.

Don’t listen to the voices in your head that worry this is all going to end badly… just take the steps you need to take, one day at a time. Tell yourself every day “right now, this is just what I do!” Every movement forward and every achievement celebrated will strengthen your resolve.

If you do have a day of falling-off-the-wagon… SO What? Pick yourself up, Give Yourself a Kiss and Celebrate being human!
Ask yourself why? listen for the answer and then start again.

4. Make your changes Doable.

Start with small changes that feel a bit of a stretch but not scary. Make them things that help you FEEL you are moving forwards. Keep your attention on today and how good you feel to be doing “something” rather than just thinking about it. You’ll naturally add more or make bigger changes as your confidence grows.

Living a successful life is about doing what works for you and finding pleasure in it. This way it becomes easier and easier to repeat the actions. Every day I made a green smoothie for my breakfast made it easier to make the next one. And then it became easier to think up new exciting conconctions and then I really started looking forward to them!

Get to know what makes you feel good and proud of yourself and keep doing more of those things, especially if you’ve had trouble following through with things in the past. You’ll be amazed how easily changes keeps rolling forward when your attitude is a happy one!

5. Embrace New Opportunities

Nobody gets through life “dent- free.” These are our badges of honor, the marks of being alive, and they are what make us stronger and what move us toward future opportunities.

Embrace the possibilities before you now. Learn to love being on your adventure into unfamiliar territory by taking your time in it. Get the experience of feeling good about yourself and confident in making small changes; and the big changes will arrive before you know it!

Starting today, fall in love. With yourself. With a dream. An ambition. A passion. What would be your reason to wake up every morning with a smile? That’s what you need to start working on today.

The world needs you to shine your light. What you do truly matters in ways you may often not realise. You being here in this life time makes a difference in the world.

Are you ready to make this year, the one where you intentionally make better and more empowered choices for yourself? To risk more, to be wiser, more committed to changing your life for the better?

Would you love some support and accountability to start accomplishing more of what you say you want to do, and you’d love some guidance for where to begin?

Let’s just talk and see how we can work together.

Let’s get you clear, confident and back in the Game!

Just GET IN TOUCH with me, I’d be delighted to talk to you.

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