Sometimes, You just need more Clarity!

“Just imagine how much you’d get done if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work. We must be talented, powerful and resilient creatures indeed given how much we manage to produce despite the constant undercutting, ridicule and needless censorship we aim at ourselves.” Seth Godin

Let’s lean into our dreams this year…

with kindness and gentle deliberate attention. You cannot help but be rewarded with a whole new feeling of achievement and confidence

These last few weeks I discovered time and time again, the act of being willing to care for myself wholeheartedly, was the key element in my recovery.

It often didn’t matter what thing I did, it could be anything, especially to begin with! It was the simple act of doing what I needed in that moment that inspired the next step or idea every single time.

The more I did things with a feeling of pleasure the more I noticed myself looking for more of that.

I was amazed at how much I had been craving real indulgence. I don’t even mean big things I mean small consistent ways to feel special and cherished.

When you follow what feels good to you, it’s so much easier to let go of the old patterns of denying yourself. Then your mind naturally starts looking for more and more ways for you to enjoy yourself.

1. Who do you want to BE?

When you think of the changes you want to bring in, ask yourself who do you want to be? If you’ve sabotaged almost every attempt at change in your past, then step back and decide that YOU want to BE different this time.

Being different equates to naturally doing things differently. And when we do differently, we get different results. Good plan!

So choose to simply
Be willing to practice.
Be willing to be Kind to yourself.
Be willing to be wise.
Be patient. Be inspired with yourself.
Be willing to not get it right all the time.

Bask in your own belief and befriend your lovely self. It’s so much easier to change your eating habits or add an exercise routine when you think about yourself becoming strong, or flexible, or more energised or more confident; than thinking of the things you might HAVE to give up.

2. Begin something.

Choose to step up and say YES! Get up and get moving even if it’s to do the tiniest first thing. I started my exercises so imperfectly, and for only 5 mins a day – if that some days. After only a few days I started to feel more energised and enthusiastic, some days I did an extra 5 mins, others days I gave myself permission to do only the minimum.

Most surprising is, although the exercise feels good, what’s even better is that feeling of accomplishment as I am doing it.. “look at me stretching and feeling flexible and energised” I think to myself. Now most days I do at least 30 mins or more of some kind of movement. And I am really enjoying it!

So take that first step forwards this year and give yourself the experience of following through with what you say you’ll do!

3. Nurture your self-confidence.

You have all that you need within you to become your best possible version of YOU. So why not choose to believe that you’re capable of pushing yourself much further than ever before. Every time you do what you say you’ll do, you build a memory of success and confidence.

Don’t listen to the voices in your head that worry this is all going to end badly… just take the steps you need to take, today!!!. Tell yourself every day “right now, this is just what I do!” Every movement forward and every achievement celebrated will strengthen your resolve.

If you do have a day of falling-off-the-wagon… SO What? Pick yourself up, Give Yourself a Kiss and Celebrate being human!
Ask yourself why? listen for the answer, do you need to go slower? do things differently? then start again.

4. Make your changes Doable.

Start with small changes that feel a bit of a stretch but not scary. Make them things that help you FEEL you are moving forwards. Keep your attention on today and how good you feel to be doing “something” rather than just thinking about it. You’ll naturally add more or make bigger changes as your confidence grows.

Living a successful life is about doing what works for you, YOUR way and finding pleasure in it. Then it becomes easier and easier to repeat the actions. Every day that I made a green smoothie for my breakfast made it easier to make the next one. And then it became easier to think up new exciting concoctions. I love them because they make me feel well and energised and so I keep making them!

Get to know what makes you feel good and proud of yourself and keep doing more of those things, especially if you’ve had trouble following through with things in the past. You’ll be amazed how easily changes keeps rolling forward when your attitude is a happy one!

5. Embrace New Opportunities

Nobody gets through life “dent- free.” These are our badges of honor, the marks of being alive, and they are what make us stronger and what move us toward future opportunities.

Embrace the possibilities before you now. Learn to love being on your adventure into unfamiliar territory by taking your time in it. Get the experience of feeling good about yourself and confident in making small changes; and the big changes will arrive before you know it!

Starting today, fall in love. With yourself. With a dream. An ambition.
A passion. What would be your reason to wake up every morning with a smile? That’s what you need to start working on today.

The world needs you to shine your light. What you do really matters in ways you may often not realise. You being here in this life time makes a difference in the world that no-one else can.

Do you often feel that your life is out of control and you’re only just surviving? Is it hard to find time for yourself and those important relationships in your life? Would you love to create some space to do the things that are important to you? Do you find your weekends exist soley for you to recover from the stresses of the week?

YOU have questions? Drop me a line. I’m delighted to help.


Are you ready to take that step towards creating positive change in your life?

You may not know exactly what it is you actually want, but you do know you’re looking for the next steps and some support and guidance to help you improve your life and accomplish more of what you truly desire!

Let’s just talk and see how we can work together to get you clear, confident and back in the Game

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