Take a Stand for Yourself

Funny thing about life

It never ceases to amaze us

Due to life’s unexpectedness and the element of surprise, I’ve been rather slow moving into the year with my newsletter and workshops.

Back in December I was brimming with ideas.

Filled with inspiration and creativity.

Happily dreaming about 2013 and excited I’d be ready to implement my ideas at the beginning of the year!

I was ready to do life differently

And then…..

I caught the flu!

Talk about being caught unawares. The unrelenting exhaustion that comes in waves with this years virus was quite the surprise. At first, I tried everything I knew to get better quickly “my way” because I had things to do, places to go. I had plans for goodness sakes!

It took some time for me to realise that the only thing that was going to put me back on my feet was learning to rest in a whole new way. Rest for longer than I had before, and listen to my body, my mind and how I felt in a way that I hadn’t before.

And the most remarkable thing was the slower I went, the easier my recovery. The more I followed my heart and feelings of anticipated pleasure the easier it was to repeat my new habits. It was a really simple and profound experience of transformation.

So I thought I’d share some of the wisdom I’ve learned the last few weeks.

Letting go of the idea that I am starting too late in the year! Now, is always the point of power in our lives! It’s only too late if you don’t start at all!

Small steps taken with pleasure add up to big happy and healthy changes. The act of following your pleasure and letting go of the “shoulds” will move you further and faster than anything else you do.

Be clear about how you want to feel. Follow those feelings with action. What action, hardly matters to begin with, anything that feels inspiring and doable brings change in effortlessly, creates more clarity and activates your enthusiasm!

Discover that well-earned, you-know-you-did-so-good, kinda pride. It feels SO good, even when it feels a little awkward, like you’re going to be seen as arrogant. But you’re not!
And, when we can take responsibility for noticing we are doing well, we don’t have to constantly seek it from others. It’s a sweet feeling!

This year give yourself permission to let go of the illusion of instant change, and instead consider applying simplicity and grace in transforming yourself and your life.

Gentle movements heal your heart and expand your notion of whats both pleasurable and possible for you!

Your dreams and your life are waiting for you to step and and claim them

The world is too!… patiently waiting for you to claim your “glow-in-the-dark-dreams”.

Just Be willing to stretch your ideas about who you are and reach for the courage to feel really ALIVE!

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