It’s Your Choice

When does your best life begin?

When YOU say it does …

Any time of the day or week or month that you decide you want to begin something different or be somebody different.

Anytime you have had enough of your emotions sabotaging your progress

Anytime you feel tired of the sameness of your life Or you realise your health is out of balance.

Anytime you find yourself hesitating to take a chance to think of a world filled with unlimited possibilities.

Most of us have forgotten how to dream outside of our sleeping times. Maybe it’s because all of our dreams have been shot down in favor of the practicalities of making a living and putting food on the table.

But really, all that’s standing between you and wanting to feel better, live better, love better and do better is the choice to begin something else, to choose something else.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Choose simply to begin with!

We can simply be willing to get over, under, or through all of the walls we’ve created that have prevented us from living bigger lives.

We can be a new work in progress… 🙂 and you can let that process teach you how to live empowered and courageous.

Where to begin

Pick one thing.

Any one thing.

Oh your inner mean girl will SO hate this one! She will want you to make changes everywhere, all at once. It’s all or nothing with her! And if she can’t have it all she’ll let you know in no uncertain terms “Its not worth bothering with”!   Ignore her!

Taking action

  • Choose one thing.
  • Keep your attention just on this and make the change.
  • Take small actions you know and repeat them
  • Be proud of every step, celebrate each of your achievements.
  • Find a buddy to encourage you, and hold each other accountable.

Create an intent

This is all about you, finding ways to remind yourself that you really do want to Be different, to feel differently and to live differently.

Setting an intention is creating the wording that moves your inner critic out of front and center stage and into the background. She can still grumble and whinge in the corner, but not get in the way of your progress.

Intentions need to be clear and simple. Write them everywhere, journal about them, use sticky notes, lipstick on the mirror. Put your intention anywhere you might look in the day. Say them out loud to yourself and often!
Say no to anything motivated by “should”. Let this be a new everyday rule!

Be very very kind to yourself!

Our inner critics are loud and mean while we are “practising” our new changes, and this voice can be very persistent. Don’t believe them!

Notice only the progress you are making, your willingness to keep trying, to keep going or to keep starting over. Change is BIG work, and it’s important to acknowledge that it is a big deal.

Every time we do something differently, regardless how small a step, if its new, if it feels different, if we are not used to doing it then – it’s going to feel risky.

This moment is your life.

How would your life be different if you had no fear, and lived each day in an authentic and empowered way?

Isn’t your life and your energy worth more than settling in where you are and putting up with present circumstances.

Your life is between now and your next breath. Each present moment is what we have to work with.

Make the choice to do the best you can with what you have in these moments. Live in full, in kindness and peace, without regret.

Be willing to see your life as an opportunity and not a place filled with roadblocks

Make this year, one where you intentionally make better choices, more empowered choices for your future self.

Be willing to risk more, to be wiser and more committed to your personal transformation, so you start accomplishing more of what you really want to experience.

Wishing you effortless choice, increased energy and the experience of JOY!


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