Creating Rituals Part I

Being your own morning Goddess!

Wayne Dyer says:
“Change the way you look at things and the things you are looking at will change”

One of the biggest struggles many of my private coaching clients are facing when I begin working with them is “thinking” they just don’t know where to begin.

It’s a very human condition that finds us smack up against the proverbial brick wall before we fully realise “something has to change”. But by the time we are feeling that stuck and lost, everything in our lives looks to us, in our confusion, as if it all needs a complete overhaul.

Then we have the screechy voice in our heads telling how everything is wrong, everything has to change, it feels big and immoveable. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and think we need a big plan. No wonder we can’t see even a starting place.

Rituals are simple solutions

How I begin each morning sets the tone and flavour for my day, my productivity and my creativity!

If I start in a flurry of activity because I haven’t left myself enough time to get ready for work, my day usually degenerates into one of
– “chasing my tail”
– “no concentration”
– “lots of irritation”.
I pretty much turn into a grumpy old troll!

When I start my days peacefully and consciously, I seem to be able to move from one task to another with ease. Life just flows.

I have time to eat, to set up my day, and I can be out the door with time to spare.

When I leave a tidy apartment that’s ready to welcome me home later in the day, I just expect the rest of the day to be a good one!

When I think easy, I feel at ease and my life is … well … easier 🙂

How morning rituals work

As we wake each morning our minds are in a more impressionable state than they are during the rest of the day.

If we catch ourselves – (before we rush into our day, thinking of ALL that has to be done) – we have this amazing ability to creatively think up new habits with ease.

IS THIS YOU? – normally you start your day by mentally searching through it and imagining all the difficulties you might encounter, how to avoid them or how to get everything done?

This is the “reality” we have been conditioned to follow. But, that “reality” very much depends on your mood, your thoughts or previous experiences. I bet you don’t even consider it as a negative or fearful “reality”. It’s just the norm.

Being judgmental, suspicious, or critical of our hopes and dreams is often considered wise and prudent. It’s supposed to stop us making mistakes! And, we all listen to this tiresome voice in our heads telling us all the bad things we’ve done or not done – because it’s so familiar it’s almost comforting, and we’ve come to trust its “reality.”

It’s SO time to change our view of reality – isn’t it?

In order to change entrenched patterns we must practice
new habits
new thoughts
new feelings
new actions.

That seems a lot doesn’t it?

I thought so too when I began.

However the good news is, change a habit, and the rest of the patterns begin to shift on their own! The alternative is to keep “doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome” and that’s the definition of insanity!

So to get a different outcome we must PRACTISE new things. And to begin with it is perfectly OK to “fake it till you make it.” Fake it (as in just do the actions) until you see the difference it makes

Once you see positive results in how you begin to feel at the start of each day, you start to notice how you are affecting the circumstances and people in your life. Over time your practice becomes a part of your life as does breathing and eating.

5 min Ritual- Setting up your day

So instead of turning on the radio or television for the news or checking emails; you are going to take just 5mins to “set up your day”.(Do it while the kettle boils and you make your morning coffee or tea.)

When you begin to consciously create your day, out of nowhere little things happen that are so unexplainable. Your day to day tasks become easier. You no longer get frustrated the same way.

You begin to train your mind to seek out what feels good in your life.

You begin to feel better about yourself because you no longer see life as being so random. Now you see the power you have to create your day, to create how you feel, to choose what you can do next

You begin to consider and then choose other possibilities for your day.

1. Write down 3 things minimum you are grateful for in this moment

We live stressed and anxious lives because we spend so much time focusing on what isn’t OK. The demands on us make us feel as if we don’t have the ability to cope with everything.

Gratitude practice is a training that first sends our unconscious mind looking for things to feel good about all through the day.

As we deepen our practice we begin consciously noticing more often what is so good about our life. This begins to reduce our anxiety and creates space in our minds to have new thoughts and inspiration.

Gratitude also raises our energy levels and strengthens our ability to notice more good things are happening because we see we are actually “calling them forth”.

2. How would you like to feel today?

Start by imagining a way you would like to BE and feel. You might decide to feel happier or more confident, daring, inspired …

If you get easily rattled at work you might choose to be peaceful and centered, unflappable.

Visualize the activities of your day and see yourself doing them in ways that would feel really good. You don’t have to visualise this perfectly, just imagine your routine tasks and projects and imagining doing them in a way where everything is running smoothly.

3. Now use how you’d like to feel, and extend it into an intention for the day, for example –

“Today I am willing to speak kindly to myself”
“Today only good lies before me”
“Today I have lots of energy”
“Today I feel calm and centered and complete all my tasks with ease”
“I am my own unique self, and I am happy to be me”

When we disappointed in life and it’s not meeting our expectations. We think we have no choice but to feel miserable, but really, that’s just a self punishment.

We come by it honorably though, generations before us have taught us well – but now, you know differently so you can choose differently

You ARE the one you have been waiting for! So Be who you are and let go of the idea that your circumstances have to dictate the way you feel.

You are so much more powerful than the things in your life

Get an accountability partner, buddy up with friends or create your own healing ritual.

You can change your life when you change the way you look at it. It may not always be easy, but the steps are usually quite simple.

Create an Evening Ritual


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