Be Happy Anyway!

“In your ability to change your life lays your greatest power to change it!” Marianne Williamson


Have you been feeling a bit off your game the last couple weeks, more irritable, more easily tired than you’d like?

ME too!

I have found being thrown back into the dark mornings and all those dark heavy overcast days really disorientating the last little while.

Yes, of course the longer evenings are welcome, but its been little compensation for the deep cold extended winter days.

I took a walk on the beach at the weekend, hoping to blow off the cobwebs of winter indoor living and find some renewed enthusiasm for this present season.

Under bright skies, weak sunlight and the promise of sunshine breaking through the clouds any moment, I could almost imagine the warmth of Spring.

Just being there in the quiet of the deserted beach, with the sounds of the waves lapping the shore was a real pick-me-up. I highly recommend it.

Caution: Take a hat! the wicked cold wind nearly bit off my ears!!!

I think this is one of the big struggles we all have at this time of year. We want it to be different. Better. Anything but this! We want warmth and flip flops, coffee and meals outside. To work in our gardens, and feel the sun on our skins again.

But, then we go and spend so much energy and brain power just wishing live away, when really we could be enjoying our lives as they are in this moment anyway.

These transitional weeks between one season and another can take a heavy toll on our psyches and on our physical and emotional selves when we don’t lavish a bit of extra care on ourselves.

We are leaning into the hope of Spring while firmly held under the grip of chilly weather, impatient to throw off the sluggishness of winter and the “habits” we wished we’d not picked up 🙂

We can feel the possibilities ahead, our dreams and desires for warmer weather activities stir deeply within us. I try not to, but I do find myself daily hoping the weather has turned; so I can go comfortably walking and biking again.

Meanwhile, I go for walks anyway.

While Spring is a great time to break old patterns and reacquaint our selves with healthier ones, it’s also a time for patience.

Yeah, I can hear you all sigh deeply!!!

So instead of complaining and dreaming of better times, while nature takes it’s own sweet time why not try out some of my…

“Surviving the Season and Being Happy anyway” solutions!

There is definitely a happiness to be found in these times. My theory is that when we cling to the idea that nothings the way we want it to be we miss the adventure we could be having NOW. We miss the opportunities of today in favour of trying to change what we have no control over.

We have this inborn creativity that’s always available to us. It’s just like our breathing. It’s  part of what we do.

Creativity is the ability to see and think and do things in different ways.

1. Prepare Your Tastebuds

You may not be completely ready to change your eating habits right now, but why not seek out new recipes and flavours to experiment with? Try them out now while you have the time on those not so lovely days. Instead of wasting your energy just aching to be outside put that energy into creative use!

I started with bread. I make it every weekend. It is SO delicious. So easy. And best of all this homemade one doesn’t make you sleepy after eating. I thought gluten wasn’t liking me, but perhaps its just the additives and sugar that’s added to the store bought bread?

2.Fill your own cup

Take our own self care seriously by letting your loved ones know that taking time for yourself is really important to you. Help them understand that while things may change you’re not abandoning them.
That for example, you need space to unwind, meditate, journal and clear you head so you have more energy to be a better parent, wife, friend.

3. Create a collage or scrap book of ideas and images about:

  • Spring and summer recipes you’re going to try
  • Does your image match the clothes you wear? Collect pictures of the kinds and colours of clothes you’d like to add to your wardrobe this year!
  • What are you going to plant in your garden?
  • Are there any new hobbies you’d like to try?

4. Walk anyway.

Just wrap up really warm and head in a direction that passes Tim Hortons or your favourite coffee house. When you are toasty warm a walk in the cold is truly invigorating. Get your circulation moving and by the time the warm weather really settles in, you’ll be on the way to fit and healthy.

5. Things you love list

If most of your days you feel like you are dealing with one problem after another or you’re blah from morning to night, turn it around by listing all the things you love. Or what about a What makes you happy list?

Do things from the list and give yourself permission to do them! This is one of the keys in creating our own Authenticity, doing what brings you delight; and it serves others by giving them the chance to bask in your “glowing.”

6. Start noticing the “SMALL” normal things in your life:

Because one day you’ll look back and realise they are the “BIG” things!

How will you do your life differently this week?

Here’s to a week of inspired thinking and effortless action steps

I am wishing you all Happiness!

with love,




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