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Embracing change with creativity and simplicity.

I believe Creativity means that you have the ability to imagine and do something in a way that is appealing, inspiring, pleasurable and uniquely YOU! It’s about putting your touch to something that no-one else does in quite the same way.

Do you remember?
Do you immediately think “nothing” or “I can’t remember”?

Many years ago I used to envy artists so much for their abilities and wished and wished I had that kind of imagination and creativity available to me. Back then I only saw creativity as artistic endeavours and not as an everyday activity that we all participate in.

You may have obvious creative hobbies and a talent like my friend Bron who makes gorgeous quilts and matches up the most amazing colours together to create fabric works of art.

Yet I don’t think she ever quite realises how fabulous they are or how creative she is!

Or my friend Anne who is always delightedly telling me about the latest knitting project she has on hand.

You cannot help feeling enthusiastic for her, again I suspect she doesn’t really see her “creativity” as a real gift!

So if you don’t see the obvious creativity in your life then here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

  • Did you whip up a meal out of leftovers in the fridge? That’s creative.
  • Did you choose to wear a particular sweater with a particular skirt? That’s creative too.
  • Did you have a shuffle round of your furniture lately, or rearrange your plants or objects in a particular way on a table top or shelf to please yourself? That’s creative.
  • Did you take particular care with your hair or make-up this morning? My friend Linda has these lovely splashes of blue in her hair, it always makes me smile, it’s SO her! That’s creative.

Being creative means you have the ability to notice, be aware and then change things or circumstances to suit yourself.
Doing things differently than before or wanting to change a habit or a life style all starts with one kind of creativity or another.

Being creative, doing things “our” way is inspiring and makes us happy! This gives the impetus to try something else…or to do it better next time!

One of my smaller intentions this year is to have more simplicity and spaciousness in my life. Every day I take two “things” I own and let them go in some way; I toss them away or give them away.

This year I am being creative in the simplicity I am using to bring change into my world. It’s a whole new take on de-cluttering. It may sound like this will hardly make a difference, but I assure you that in the four weeks I have been doing this, I feel, and my apartment feels completely different already!

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Then here’s your chance to seriously put your unique brand mark on your own life changes!

Begin by noticing your unique creativity and expand it in simple ways to other areas of your life.

Support yourself in creative and/or simple ways that encourage you to make your changes this year and stick with them.

If you’re here, you more than likely have a journal. If not, maybe this is the week to go out and find that beautiful book.

Keep a note of the ways you might use simple creative actions to liberate the woman you know yourself to be!

Keep a note of the creative things you do each day and keep expanding them.

Every day make choices that express your own individuality, your own special response to the world and all that goes on within it.

Be creative in the way you notice your habits and actions, what small adjustments can you make?

What would make you smile?

Every day acknowledge your growing attention to finding more good in your life!

Every day notice ways you can simplify life and get creative in your actions.

Your life is your creation; your thoughts and actions create the outcome of every moment. So choose thoughts and actions that support you having happy outcomes.

Being creative is about using your attention, so be attentive. What feels good, what do you want more of? What do you want less of?

Because each of your moments creates the next one. Are you creating memorable or forgettable moments?

YOU have questions? Drop me a line. I’m delighted to help.


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