You Are Fabulous!

Yes … YOU!

Maya Angelou says “We do what we know, until we know better. And when we know better, we do better”

How many times do we look at ourselves, and feel really dissatisfied with what we’ve accomplished, with who we have become and with all of our “bad” habits that seem to linger no matter how hard we try to uproot them.

And from this rather dim and unhelpful view point we set about some kind of effort to do better to feel better.

I’ve “done my time there too” feeling like I needed to be better that I was, feeling unhappy with myself and trying to create better habits or even to stick to anything – and hoping against hope that this time I’d succeed. This time “this” was going to be the thing that made me feel whole.

Then would come the enthusiasm and movement forward, followed by the inevitable falling off the wagon and giving up. Disappointment eating away at me wondering “what is wrong with me that I can’t just be happy with what I have?”

Don’t get me wrong, I lived a good life full of wonderful people and great moments. I had many adventures all along the way… and I have the pictures to prove it!

But, for so many women like me, there comes a time when we look up and wonder whose life we are living or we have that lurking sense of disappointment that begins to call to us louder and louder. Because it just doesn’t quite feel enough. It doesn’t feel as good as we’d hoped it would.

In these moments we have a choice, and I was fortunate when I reached this point to have some wonderful teachers. Their teaching was simple (not particularly easy all the time) but it is simple.

I am pretty sure it saved my life!

We have the choice to feel good about ourselves regardless of who we are and what our circumstances are, and we can make changes simply because we’d like to improve ourselves and our circumstances.

Or we can feel bad about who we have become and stay struggling.

I really Believe!

YOU are someone fabulous

YOU are an incredible miracle

YOU are a divine magnificent expression of life, and it’s time you know it.

YOU deserve to be loved

YOU are worthy of your own love

One reason we resist this so much is the “nasty ugly sisters” in our heads who have loud shrieky voices that have spent years drowning out our attempts at feeling good.

You can choose to believe them.

OR you can begin today to believe you are good and worthy and worth loving.

What will you choose for yourself?

This week my wish for you all is

May the sun may bring you new energy by day
May the moon softly restore you by night
May the breezes blow new strength into your being
May you experience more peace and love

Are you ready to take the next step towards creating positive change in your life?

You may not know exactly what it is you actually want, but you do know you’re looking for the next steps and some support and guidance to help direct you towards improving your life and accomplishing more of what you truly desire.

Let’s just talk and see if together we can clarify your challenges, and talk about the best way I can help YOU make your dreams and intentions a reality!

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