What if Being Happier is easier than You thought?

Regardless about how we all might be feeling about this particular Spring that’s shown up for us all; are you like me, having to listen to one too many wearying comments about how wretched the weather is?

Last week I really felt that despite all my better intentions I couldn’t seem to avoid being dragged into these endless conversations?

Watching the sun rise this morning (Sunday) and being greeted by clear, sunny and brilliant blue skies, I felt instantly uplifted and energized by the anticipation of a beautiful bright day.

I have been finding it as challenging as the next person to navigate the current ups and down of the weather lately, until this mornings sunny greeting made me realise I need to stop worrying about something I absolutely no control over. (I forget as easily as anyone else)

So, Id like to invite and encourage all of you this week to join me in simply embracing each day and discovering the beauty and pleasure of each one.

I’ve decided to have a Complaint Free week – I know warm days are on their way, so in the meantime I’m going with living happy anyway. And, Happiness reduces stress and anxiety effortlessly and helps us problem solves much more easily, a win-win situation!

Are you with me?

OK then! Let’s have a week of improving the quality of our lives and our moods by taking a pro-active approach to being and feeling happier regardless of how the outer world behaves!

Give yourself permission to find your own rhythm and enjoyment and practice some flexibility during disappointing weather days. Make simple preparations, even if it’s a list on-hand of favoured activities or ideas for comfort food so that you’re not caught short and start wasting time and energy wishing things were different.

Last week my daughter and I had visions of lovely crisp salads for supper time (it’s spring right? … I was hopeful!). But then, every night -how dismal it was opening the fridge door to cold lettuce when all I wanted was hot soup or a casserole.

This week I have more flexible plans – our ability to flow and change is a powerful healing ability- so remember that and use it to your advantage.

Give yourself permission to anticipate patches of warmth and sunshine and get outside and enjoy those moments – take yourself out for a “miracle walk.” Clear your heart and breathe in deeply, let your senses come alive and really be present to the pleasure of the moment.

As you walk, let go of your day and it’s complications and just be present with your surroundings. It’s amazing the insights we get, the resolutions to problems when we let go and just allow ourselves to BE wherever we are.

Even better, if the day is still a little chilly, really feel the pleasure of coming home to the warmth of indoors and notice how wonderful that feels and be grateful for that!

Be gentle and patient with yourself

We make ourselves unintentionally miserable wishing things were different.

And we talk long and frequently about what should or would be better, and waste energy that could be spent appreciating whats’ great and what could be even better!

Imagine how much better you’ll feel this week, if you notice what is good in your life, and think and talk a lot about what is good in your life?

The weather is as good an example to use as anything, to practice the art of shifting our attention away from what “seems” to be all doom and gloom and focus on what’s new and good and to be grateful for.

You can use the same practices for anything that you blow out of proportion.

  • Like overhearing some remark made about us by a colleague and then worry yourself sick about getting fired
  • Or we have a pain and lie awake at night wondering what serious illness we’ve probably got.
  • Or someone doesn’t call us, or pay us the “correct” attention and we immediately decide we’re totally unloveable and will never have another relationship in our lives

We are masters at making situations so much worse then they are. Thoughts are just like the seeds we plant in our gardens, they thrive with gentle attention and care.

Give Yourself Permission

Try a practice of giving yourself brand new permissions when life isn’t heading quite in the direction you’d hoped for. Practice them or make up your own – and remember you don’t have to get them perfectly in the first 10 mins!!!!

1. Give yourself permission to be open to new things and ways, to ask for help, to receive help, and to let go of the need to be right (or wrong).

2. Give yourself permission to follow what feels good, to explore, to dare and please yourself and say “just watch me!”

3. Give yourself permission to look within and know that it’s safe to expand your vision

4. Give yourself permission to lovingly support yourself with praise and approval as you learn to choose better thoughts and actions for yourself.

5. Give yourself permission to stop comparing – define your own rules for what you deserve. You are alive and so you are good enough just the way you are.

6. Give yourself permission to not know often, to be curious, to explore, to freak out, to say sorry, to practice again and let all criticism go!

7. Give yourself permission to be happy or sad, elated or disappointed. Use all of that as fuel for what’s next in your unfolding. Feelings are just thoughts in motion in your body.

8. Give yourself permission to abandon obligation for more play, laughter, dreaming and more self care. In fact, design your life around that.

9. Give yourself permission to adore yourself and to nurture the little girl inside who just wants to know she’s full of fabulousness.

10. Give yourself permission to approve of yourself as you are right now. To thrive, to exceed your wildest dreams and to be willing to improve the quality of your life one day at a time..

Live in happiness!

Be open and receptive to all that is good in your lives!



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