There exists a Queen in all of us

… we just have to anoint her!

Here we are in an age now where we know in our hearts that things have to change, that WE need to make changes.

We’ve done everything right yet, you don’t feel right.

Have you ever had that feeling?

Nothing in particular is happening. There’s no siren blaring.

There’s just an inner knowing that it’s time to wake up. The old rules no longer apply.

This is often the result of not taking time to connect with yourself on a deep level, or acknowledging that your gifts and talents have a valued place in your world!

If you’re feeling unappreciated, small or lacking in value or not feeling deserving of more good in your life, try these simple practises and watch your self bloom!

Thank more people, anyone and everyone you come into contact with.

I did it to the little guy sweeping the streets with a broom the other day and his face lit up and we chatted for a few moments. How invisible must he feel every day? It took moments to say thanks for keeping the pavements clean, and I meant it, and we parted both feeling the love!

Tell your friends how valuable they are and how much you love having them in your life.

Tell your family you love them, and find one thing to congratulate them on or celebrate.

Congratulate people on some achievement

Talk about your achievements, share your gifts and offer to show interested parties how they can do it too!

Compliment people just because you can

Smile, say hello to strangers… reactions can be varied but, the startled ones make me chuckle the most as they try to figure out … should they know you? 🙂 This practice makes you feel visible and a participant in life in general.

Extend kindnesses just because you can.

It may seem like a backwards way round to make yourself feel better and more appreciated. When we aren’t “feeling the love” for ourselves, then give it away first and I promise you, you will feel it returned!

Simple places to start for healthy, happier living.

“We are the one we have been waiting for!”

1. Are you eating enough nutritious foods on a fairly regular schedule

2. Are you giving your body enough exercise, sunshine and nutrients

3. Do you have aches, pains or discomforts you could be attending to more consciously?

4. Are you getting enough rest or sleep?

5. Are your environments at work and at home safe, and are you taking whatever precautions you need in order to feel safe?

6. Do you have an appropriate balance of work and time for rest and renewal?

7. Does your housing really suit your needs.

Is there an area for you that might benefit from some attention or improvement?

Everytime I read this list to myself I find there’s always something I can change, and more often than not I find several things ! We live busy lives, we have the best of intentions and still our self-care slips so easily to the bottom of the list of things to do.

So just for today … what’s one small step you could take, to do better, so that you could feel better – right now?

If you are looking for some support, encouragement and a cheerleader, while you are making changes in your life – Let’s talk

You may not know exactly what it is you actually want, but you do know you’re looking for the next steps and some support and guidance to help direct you towards improving your life and accomplishing more of what you truly desire.

Let’s see if together we can clarify your challenges, and talk about the best way YOU can make your dreams and intentions a reality

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