It’s Never Too Late To Start Over!

Step out of your old story, and allow something magnificent to be born within you.

“To make a valuable contribution, you have to get uncomfortable and embrace lifelong growth and skill development.” –Todd Henry, Die Empty.

If you’re lucky enough, there comes a time when things just stop working.

In these moments, you may find yourself afraid of an unknown future and longing to return to the safety of the past…even if it was not fulfilling.

Instead of hiding out, playing small or staying stuck, 

YOU have a choice….

You can choose to use your boredom, dissatisfaction or breakdown, as your breakthrough to reshape your life!

There’s no time like NOW

To claim your strengths

Practice new ones

Share your greatest gifts

Make today your brand new Opening!

Find the courage to shed old habits that get in the way

Step out of your old story

Allow something magnificent to be born within you.

No matter what has happened in your past – no matter what mistakes you’ve made, disappointments you’ve swallowed, or pain you’ve endured

– you can radically reinvent yourself anew, over and over again.

What do you really yearn for?

Do you need more down time to breathe and replenish your spirit?

To feel passionate and engaged in your life again?

Free t0 make your own choices?

Ready to put yourself first so you can feel better than you do now?

To make agreements with yourself and keep them?

Do you strive endlessly to make yourself better, bigger, sometimes even the best. Why? Because you think, “If I am better, others will love me and I’ll never feel left out, hurt, or not good enough again.”

But here’s the twist…You are perfectly imperfect! Sure we make miss-steps – we’re works in progress. And even though most of us intuitively know that “no one’s perfect,” we still have that secret hope …

If you feel stuck, not sure where to turn or where to start … then start where you are. Decide you’ll make small changes, something manageable and doable today… and let go of the idea that you need to make sweeping change…

  • What have you been promising yourself week after week and you never quite get round to it?
  • Can you do something toward that today?
  • What would that be?
  • Do you need more information?
  • Can you call a friend and ask her to be your accountable buddy?

Ease into change if you haven’t been very successful at doing this  in the past.

Reward yourself every step of the way so you begin to experience completion with each step!!!

Are you ready to take the next step towards creating positive change in your life?

You may not know exactly what it is you actually want, but you do know you’re looking for the next steps and some support and guidance to help direct you towards improving your life and accomplishing more of what you truly desire.

Let’s just talk and see if together we can clarify your challenges, and talk about the best way YOU can make your dreams and intentions a reality!



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