Nothing helped me more than this

There are “No Obstacles”

Its been a while since I put fingertips to key pads.

Life took a sudden turn for me, something I never saw coming – as often is the case when circumstances shift in surprising ways.

This change seemed to pop out of the blue, at least that’s how it seemed to begin with, however, as my life unfolds in new ways it may well be the perfect change I needed next!

So thank you to those of you who inquired and wondered where I’d gone, it’s good to be missed, and I appreciate your emails and your taking the time to let me know you were there.

And so here I am!

A little bit dented perhaps, but also a whole lot wiser, stronger and more curious and encouraged about the way life comes in to support us when we least expect it.

One of the things I found that helped me more than anything lately was just a simple shift in perception and so I wanted to share it with you all.

This is an idea that there are “no obstacles”

Now, I don’t mean there aren’t trials we have to handle or deal with, because certainly there are many challenges and unforeseen circumstances to navigate all the time.

What I mean by there are no obstacles is more about seeing these trials, and shifting the language that we use when we are thinking or talking about them.

One of the things I have seen over and over again in, not only my life lately, but also in my coaching practise and Reiki clients, is that when

An unexpected and unpleasant event happens

Opportunities evaporate or slow down to a crawl

Financial problems arise

A relationship goes south

A job loss feels like something we’ll never recover from

We can’t seem to shake the blah’s or get inspired about anything

Unexpected events and circumstances show up uninvited – and just when everything was going so well

1. We all take so much responsibility for the “trial” that shows up! We focus almost entirely on what “went wrong” and make it front and centre in our thoughts – and Immediately all our insecurities rise like the demons from hell

2. When we think we must be doing something wrong we blame ourselves, or feel bad because we should have known better. We create a story in our heads of all we should have, could have, wished we’d done differently.

3. Then all bent out of shape feeling weak or paralysed we can’t get past the story to the learning or opportunities we have been presented with! Next thing we know we’re telling ourselves that we will keep messing up, or we just don’t have what it takes to live happily or successfully.

4. Then we get afraid and lose the confidence to try anything else because our mind is so full of guilt or blaming, there’s no room to engage in creative problem solving.

We’ve stopped believing!

We stop believing in ourselves.

We stop believing what we want and dream of is impossible.

And so this idea of “there are no obstacles” is really a practice of learning to consciously use our minds, emotions and our perspectives to approach life’s events and circumstances in a completely different way.

Perhaps a way of looking at the trials in our lives as the perfect opportunity to make different choices, to see these events as friendly “course corrections.”

What if that “thing” that happened, or the “mood” you find yourself is not so much a “problem”- as it is an opportunity to strengthen a quality in yourself.

Maybe just to begin with we could simply listen to the stories we are always telling ourselves – before we’ve had chance to review the situation.

What if you consider that your trials cannot stop you unless you tell yourself the story that it can and will?

It’s a practise of gently listening to the words in our heads ALL the time. Of turning away from the vicious inner dialogue that exhausts our confidence and weakens our resolve.

What if you consider telling yourself stories with happier outcomes – how differently would that feel?

What would you do differently then?

Thoughts and ideas you might like to try on “telling yourself another story” when you’re not feeling as purposeful or creative as you’d like.

Wishing you more joy, peace, love and all the good things than you usually expect!!! , this week


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