Tell Yourself another Story

Don’t make yourself wrong!

In times of stress and change you are evolving and transforming, facing confusion and disorientation –

Please don’t see that or yourself as somehow wrong!

What if these moments are ones full of possibility and discovery?

Vulnerability is where your next leap begins. If you’re like me I hate the feeling that comes with thinking I am wrong, to be blamed, I’ve made yet another blunder or wrong decision?

It’s exhausting feeling that way and I have to say the best way out is….. taking exquisite care of yourself.

Love yourself more. It is love that opens the gates of creative thinking.

You need a nap, breathing spaces, lots of hugs, the support of yourself and loved ones without disapproval and self-judgment.

Don’t believe for a moment it always HAS to be the way it is now!

You’re in a process.

Of outgrowing your life, your thoughts, your feelings, the way you’ve always done things. Give yourself permission to not quite know what that means or where you’re going next.

Stop trying to “fix” things from the ideas in your head – the same ones that have been there forever.

Take a step sideways and make room for something unexpected

For playfulness that has no purpose

For self care that’s pure indulgence

For ideas that you’ve never thought of before

For a new friend or adventure you haven’t met, or thought of yet

Choose a path that raises your higher

Share your feelings. A feeling is just a feeling. It’s not a reality.

Bang a drum. Hug a tree. Eat chocolate cake for breakfast!

Throw out the rules and trust you can have better ideas

Ask for more hugs and kisses

Write in your journal. Draw loneliness.

Write yourself a brand new story and you are the SHE-RO!

If you want to be creatively alive, emptiness is required.

Discover more quiet, take 5 steps backwards

Give yourself space to breathe. Invite in peace and time for moodling and just being.

Tell yourself: “I can begin anywhere. I can do anything. What do I want to play with today?”

Come alone to yourself barefoot and curious

Invite in inspiration and make room for a plan you never had.

Trust in possibilities that have never occurred to you yet.

Invite in your muse, miracles, and dreams you haven’t yet dreamt

Believe yourself into a new way of being.

May you find ways to express your love, share your enthusiasm, take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk, dance your dance and sing your brightest song.

May you find new ways to make your life worth remembering!

If you’re looking for support, direction and a cheering section in your corner….

Please do get in touch. You’ll be so glad you took this opportunity

Let’s talk about the fun ways in which I can help you find more clarity and fulfillment in your life, and discuss how my guidance and support can enable you to discover what it is you want for yourself, your passion, and your dream.

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