What if, the Universe IS on your side?

One of Einstein’s most profound sayings is,

“The most important decision you will ever make is
Is the Universe friendly?’ ”

I’m one of those people who believe the Universe is friendly and that it is indeed aware of us and works to help us.

I don’t believe “life’s events” are random

I do believe everything that happens is orchestrated in an elaborate albeit at times, complicated manner for our benefit.

That certainly doesn’t mean I understand the way life works all the time. Heck, the inner tantrum I might be throwing when life challenges me is proof of that. Yet, always there is a deep belief in me that “it” (the issue) is here for a reason.

I just wish, like everyone else that I could remember to listen out for that little voice of reason, (my inner wise self) instead of jumping in and trying to fix things!

I tend to think of the Universe as a benevolent parent- here’s how I imagine it works.

Imagine as a child wanting to eat ice-cream, all the time. Your wise parents on the other hand knew that lots of fruit and vegetables were needed, and so you got veggies and fruit more than icecream!

So most of the time you got what you NEEDED, rather than what you WANTED. And most of the time, it made no sense whatsoever to you!
Until now 🙂

This is the kind of thing that happens when we have a great long list of wants, but the Universe shows up with something else entirely.

But just suppose what we get is exactly what we need for our growth and development?
• Suppose what shows up gives you the opportunity to stop and review your life in a whole new way?
• Suppose you have been developing a new strength, and now you have the chance to fully expand that new capability?
• Suppose you were living someone else’s version of life, and now you get to choose our own view?
Simply pausing to consider this makes a big difference to the way in which we react or respond to life events.

Let’s say you were so sure that you would get promoted in your job. You didn’t, and instead you now have a new co-worker that you hate! A ‘normal’ reaction would be to get angry and then frustrated and resentful. Fear and anxiety would creep in later as you wonder how to get out of this predicament. “Do you look for a new job, will you will like it and how much it will it pay and is this going to happen again?”

But suppose you could believe that the Universe was ‘friendly’? That no harm was intended, and somehow this circumstance could be in your best interests?

How could this be?

Is this the “push” you need to get off your butt? If you’re honest with yourself haven’t you hated your job for years, and promised yourself for just as long, that you’ll find another one? And never have

That Inner voice, the one that nudges you to do it differently…
IS your wise self!
You don’t have to know this, but you could consider it.

Isn’t this frame of mind completely different and much more positive, as you explore a different view of how we may not be alone and struggling as we often imagine?

And the best bit is once you start exploring with the idea that whatever happened to you, was perhaps ‘good’ for you? Lots of evidence may well show up that indeed points out you are on the right track after all!

We’ve all had many of these experiences when we look back years after the fact, and we can be so grateful certain things happened – that we needed without knowing that was what we needed!
Even though you hated it at the time and couldn’t understand why life was being so awful!

Wouldn’t your life feel so much better if you believed the Universe was ‘friendly’? For me, these are the thoughts that get me off the couch and I say “USE whatever gets you moving. Whether it’s being brave and curious or inventive or daring!

I have helped so many people make this transition in my coaching and workshops and in my life.

And how cool is it than Einstein saw that this as the most important decision we will ever make!

He’s right, wouldn’t you know it!

Only in the present moment can we hear the whispers of the Universe.
We’ve named the way we hear that wisdom: intuition, the still small voice, the wise self, inner goddess, angel messages, the muse, gut instincts, that “knowing”.

Listening to the Universe

Things that get in the way of you hearing messages clearly

1. If you eavesdropped on your inner self conversations, would you hear the whisper of being supported and guided? Or would you hear thoughts that tell you life is random and indifferent to you, and you just happen to have drawn the “short straw?”

2. Lubricate your willingness to practice listening for your own whispers. Apply compassion, patience, curiosity and inner applause!

3. We are impatient, we want to apply life-changing concepts to banish challenges immediately. What if you simply “wondered” if you actually had the right information? Or imagined there was another way that would work much better?

4. Forging a trust with yourself, that you have all the answers you need and that you can be ‘trusted” to not keep screwing up over and over takes time. Practice over time, imperfectly until your mind effortlessly chooses the thought that creates solutions instead of keeping you stuck and fearful

5. What if you gave yourself permission that some days or weeks two steps forwards, one back, and a sideways stumble is OK?

6. What if you practiced the idea of going further and faster by slowing down first and stay true to what you need right now – today!

7. 85% of people give up their dreams and hopes because they couldn’t do it perfectly and tried to get there too quickly.

8. Change is tricky to sustain after the initial enthusiasm dies down and we often give up. What’s your “rinse and repeat” practice?

9. Ernest Hemingway warned “Never confuse action with movement”
Action without an ongoing practice can’t create enough momentum for real movement – THAT only happens over time

10. Make compassion not comparison your new hobby. When you compare yourself to someone who’s been doing these things for a long time, it will discourage you. WHY would you want to do that to yourself?


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