Dancing Between Ease and Effort

What a Glorious Summer!

Are you feeling like I do? The need to pinch yourself daily to make sure you’re awake, and we really are having this summer.

I find myself so grateful and happy each evening as the heat cools, and each morning as I step into nippy air, for what can only be the Blessings of the Gods this year!

Riding my bike this summer has been my true love, and no matter how many times I ride the beach path I never tire of the sense of freedom, the scenery, the wind on my cheeks and the heat spilling down over my shoulders.

Time & space for a breather, and a moment of appreciation

It’s been quite a year hasn’t it? I know from talking to my clients and friends that this is not just my experience.

It feels like every day brings a new rollercoaster ride to somewhere new. And just when I feel I might be gaining a foothold, off the ride goes again!

Thank goodness for my bike! It’s what I head for when I realise I am pushing too hard and need to pull back and add some trust into the mix.

It gives me something pleasurable to do while I breathe and regroup. It offers me time to remember to lean in and trust that things will take care of themselves or space to allow a creative solution to show up.

Let’s Talk About Balance.

A concept in “practice” foreign to most people. Me included! I used to think I could find it. The Perfect balance between life and work, between struggle and peace.

This summer I gave up the word itself and instead I am teaching myself to Dance. To weave, to change my tune, to try out new beats, to listen for my unique song and to move more slowly and deliberately.

And forgive myself (again and again) when I make a total hash of things!

It’s a work in progress!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of my Inner mean girls rant. It’s time to tread more softly and find our own new language around the idea of Balance. A language that’s gentler on our sensibilities and doesn’t have us demented and beating ourselves down, when we totally loose the plot!

Life as a Dance is one that expands and moves between highs and lows and side steps and twirls. And even if you trip and stumble around to begin with… so WHAT?

Can you be willing to be a learner?

Can you simply be willing to find another way?

Life is a journey of moving between Effort and Ease. It’s knowing that when we swing up, we will swing back, even when we are scared of heights. And sometimes it’s about how we rest in the middle.

It’s a daily practice of getting in touch with our selves. A practise listening to our own inner wisdom, our Higher Selves.

Deep at the center of our being is an infinite well of love, an infinite well of joy, an infinite well of wisdom and creativity.

This is true for each and every one of us.

The Negativity is simply the cloud that obscures the view of who we really are.

How often do YOU get in touch with your unique Life Dance?
Do you do it once a day?
Once in a while?
Or are you totally unaware of your own Dance Steps?
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