What do You Wish For?

Do you ask enough questions, or do you settle for what you know?

Many of the hours I spend coaching and working with clients are spent reminding people who they really are.

Some of them, are quietly desperate for their own attention.

They want to know themselves on a deeper level. They’ve forgotten who they are.

They want their passion back.

Because when we have passion, we can do anything, create any reality.

It can feel like a scary process, because that’s what relationships often are.

Getting to know ourselves , means creating a new relationship with ourselves.

We aren’t sure what we’ll learn or if we’ll like it!

That’s ok. We don’t have to like everything about ourselves. We can learn to make friends with ourselves.

Instead of having to pretend.

But I do believe that it’s our work in the world to know ourselves.

To know and understand the real truth of who we are beyond our expectations and the ideas we carry.

It’s AMAZING what we notice when we begin this journey of discovery. How isolated, indifferent and distracted we become when it comes to what is really going on with us.

Let me ask you – How do you feel right now?

Do you have a standardized answer to that question; or can you hear what’s really true in this moment?

What’s going on with you in your life?

Do you look to your lifestyle, friends and career to define this answer; or are you aware in your own mind what you are creating?

First steps require the understanding that our thoughts don’t control us – we can learn to control our thoughts.

Are you taking steps to assure healthy peaceful thoughts?

Are you aware of the negative self-talk that plays in your head?

What do you do to stop yourself replaying situations over and over, thinking about people who have hurt you?

Are you aware how you relate in your relationships, and how much easier love can unfold when you step out of your own way?

Have you found the courage to face your problems head on, staying calm and saying no to drama?

Asking yourself questions and listening for the answers is a really powerful way to find your next steps.

1. What would make you proud of yourself?
2. How can you make a positive difference?
3. What are you trying to accomplish and why?
4. What are the roadblocks standing in your way?
5. What’s the next step?
6. Where might you stumble?
7. What qualities do you need to strengthen in yourself?
8. How are you getting in your own way?
9. How have you celebrated your progress lately?
10. What do you love about your life?

And Implementing small steps in your everyday life, can help you deepen the relationship you have with yourself and live a more fulfilled, less anxious life.

The transition of the seasons is a powerful time to make changes in your life.

It’s the perfect time to set clear intentions and support them with powerful momentum. Discovering ways to build confidence and understanding, moves you steadily toward the deep satisfaction of fulfilling your dreams.

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