Savouring the Season

Don’t just survive the Christmas holidays savour them

Sure, we all love the Christmas holiday season.
But, enough already, with so much of it, right?

In my house, we’ve been slowly cutting the crazy out of our Christmas for a couple of years.

It hasn’t been easy getting to here, but making small changes each year to reduce the stress, expense and then tame the over-the-top traditions has been time well spent.

I experiment every year with something different.

One year breakfast with a friend and the rest of the day to myself. The house filled with candles, soothing music and me relaxing and loving the quiet and undisturbed time.

Each year celebrating in different ways.

Slowly we reduced gifts to just the minimum and then to none at all.

Sometimes I put up decorations and sometimes I don’t.

Each year it became easier to go against tradition and find my own way. Traditions are very ingrained and most years I suffered the odd pangs of guilt thinking I must be an old Grinch! However, we need to allow time to let go of the “Old stories” of what we should do be doing.

Expectations, obligations and guilt around Christmas can be overwhelming.

You’ll need to give yourself permission to take your time and find the determination to find the right way to celebrate for you.

This year for the first time ever, I feel completely guilt free to make any choice I like regarding Christmas. It’s a beautiful thing!

It’s difficult to go against the flow of creating the “perfect” Christmas. It’s uncomfortable being yourself and still feel accepted while you make your own celebrations. But, it’s so worth a little discomfort!

We experience guilt when we believe we’re not acceptable enough as we are.

We think we’re not enough because we’ve been led to believe that our presence, our being, is good enough only when we follow the majority.

So then we feel unworthy of love and acceptance.

Christmas triggers all of those old wounds.

  • So we go over the top to fill in the emptiness.
  • Obligation is another feeling of unworthiness.

Again the season is perfect for triggering all those unconscious feelings we have, when we feel we are not enough just as we are.

We buy too much and do too much to try and make up for what we think we lack.

The truth is You are GOOD enough, SMART enough, ACCEPTABLE enough, and STRONG enough.

You don’t need other people to validate you; you are already VALUABLE.

There is no need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

You have nothing to prove to anyone else.

YOU DESERVE to show up just the way you want to show up.

 So Begin Slowly.

Make the choice to be willing to make changes.

Decide you are ready to show up real and authentic.

Practice being OK with not knowing what that will look like.

Experiment in small ways, KNOW you can always change your mind.

Simply give yourself permission to create your own traditions.

Or just wing it each year. That works well too.

Notice what brings you joy

And do more of that!

Then share it with those around you.

Be a “beginner” at this.

Is there one small action you could take today that could relieve the overwhelm of all the obligations you feel you have to fulfill this season

Do that!

Just for yourself.

Make one small choice and move on it today.

When we decide what we need to be happy and real, instead of following the masses

We open ourselves up to an unimagined happiness, real choice and real freedom.

Work with me!

Are you ready to make this year, the one where you intentionally make better and more empowered choices for yourself?
To risk more, to be wiser, more committed to changing your life for the better?
Would you love some support and accountability to start accomplishing more of what you say you want to do, and you’d love some guidance for where to begin?

Here’s your chance to stop settling, to discover and create what it is you really want in your life. Let’s just talk and see how we can work together, and get you clear, confident and back in the Game!

Isn’t it time you discovered and claimed what your heart longs for.

Please do GET IN TOUCH with me here, I’d be delighted to talk to you.

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