Banish Your winter Blahs

On Sunday, I was editing the article for this week’s newsletter when sunshine spilling through my windows landed on me and caught my attention.

“Wouldn’t it be great to be outside right now and feel the heat on my face I thought?”

I continued editing, because I wanted to be finished.

“What if I took a walk in the sunshine and finished editing later said a little voice.”

I ignored it.

What if?

The first duty of love is to listen

A few minutes later without thinking, I closed my eyes and lifted my face to feel the warmth of the sunlight and sighed

“Why not stop working and go for a walk, said the little voice?”
I have to finish this now.
Because …

“Wait a moment!

Didn’t I want to write about breaking old habits, trying new ways?


So how about that walk.

Feel the sun?”

Worth a try, I admitted to myself.

So I closed my computer, wrapped up warm and wandered down to the lake. The wind was pretty chilly so I tucked myself down beside some rocks, facing the sun.
Closing my eyes I let the sun’s warmth soak into my face and body; imagining warmer days, balmy winds and the sand between my toes.
I counted my blessings, thanked myself for listening to the call to sunshine and drifted off for a while.

How many times I wondered do I ignore this little voice that calls me to pleasure.
How often do I promise myself … later?
To-do list first.
Work first.
Do first
Engage later
Play later.
Relax later.

Returning home I felt refreshed and invigorated and peaceful. I made a cup of tea, opened my laptop and finished my editing in the twinkle of an eye.

I was amazed that giving into the pleasure brought such quick completion.

If I hadn’t, I’d probably still be editing and worrying over silly details.

Our minds are such hard taskmasters, only happy when we get things done, worrying about what needs to be done or hasn’t been done.


Slow down and listen, and everything you are chasing will find you

Our hearts on the other hand, are kind and sensitive to what we need most.

By following my heart I got to relax, re-engage with myself, rest and feel pleasure.

And then I got done what needed to be done, with ease and inspiration all the way to completion and then celebration!

So a new ritual for me this season is definitely to listen to that little voice more often, and allow the serendipitous spirit of spontaneity into my world.

Listening to your inner voice is part of the recipe for living a daily life that you can love. And taking that one step further, create your own rituals and routines that feel good from that guidance. And you’re on your way to creating your own unique and inspiring recipe for a healthier happier life.

Learn how I turned an unloved task into a Ritual of Love

Wishing you all
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each longing


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