Maintain your Calm in Difficult Times

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from my clients is “how do I stop my anxiety or negative thoughts from escalating?”

This is a really good question and one that is very relevant for maintaining health and well-being in the world today.


We all encounter difficult times, people or events that challenge us, times that drain our energy and our composure. But, how do we stop those experiences building up and making us ill, or in pain or miserable.

But, how do we stop those experiences building up and making us ill, or in pain or miserable.

It might be a circumstance that’s bothersome or just one of those days when we are overwhelmed, we lose focus, optimism, or peace.

We say things like “I just can’t think straight,” “this is not who I am,” “I can’t deal with this right now,” “I just don’t know what to do?”

And you’re telling the truth!

You quite literally cannot think your way out of these situations while your anxiety level remains high.

Anxiety, nervousness and apprehension trigger the brain to send the majority of our blood flow away from the the part of our brain that problem solves, away from our organs, and out to our limbs so we can be ready to “run.”

This is called the “fight and flight” response in the body.

These “fight and flight” responses are supposed to be triggered occasionally, but in the high stress, busy world we live in now, most people stay in this response for way too long.

Anxiety escalates throughout the day, unnoticed and unchecked because we’re steadily increasing our tolerance for stress without being able to discharge it regularly. We don’t even recognize it until we just “hit the proverbial wall,” of overwhelm or pain or illness.

itmatters IAnxiety escalates:

  • When the day begins badly and just gets worse from there on.
  • When you can’t find a convenient parking spot
  • When someone cuts you off in traffic or cuts in line at the store.
  • When you feel you’re the only one doing anything around here.
  • When your co-workers are uncooperative
  • When someone doesn’t reply to an urgent email.
  • When you’re tired and hungry and can’t find any energy to shop or cook.


Anxiety, overwhelm and distress symptoms

You wonder why you get constant headaches

Can’t sleep properly anymore

Have unresolved aches and pains that never go completely.

Your digestion is upset

Lose your appetite or are too tired to make an effort to cook fresh foods so you constantly reach for quick snacks.

You have an underlying feeling of never quite being “on top of things”

You never feel quite yourself, and even worse, not sure if you remember who that is?

Do you recognise yourself here?

The majority of my clients I see now-a-days experience any mix or all of the above symptoms.

When we are feeling out of sorts in ANY way, the first thing we do is to forget to take care of ourselves, our needs and our nurture. Because all we can think about is what’s going wrong, what has gone wrong and what’s sure to befall us in the future!

In essence, we forget to feel love.

In my experience, Reiki is probably one of the simplest and most effective treatments to immediately reduce the symptoms of anxiety. When my clients feel better, less overwhelmed, they do better, think more clearly and are able to problem solve with so much more ease.

Discover the benefits of Reiki and I can be contacted here for appointment booking or questions.

Remember, it is our thoughts that add suffering to our pain. It’s wonderful to be positive. It’s also wonderful to acknowledge what you are feeling.

To get you started and feeling better here’s some help and suggestions  to get your love groove back ON 🙂

How do you start your day?

One of the best places to begin a practice to reduce the escalation of anxiety, is in the morning.

Even before you get out of bed, take a moment to simply be still and notice how you are thinking and feeling. If you’re like me, very often before my feet touch the floor, I am already listing everything I want to get done, figuring out the time it will take or scheduling tasks and then fretting over, what or who will get in the way of getting everything done. And then I hit the day running, hoping things will work out, forgetting I have the power to guide my day.

We all do this unconsciously.

Now there’s a conscious way to guide your day.

When you first wake up in the morning, what are the first words that come out of your mouth, or the first thoughts streaming through your mind? Do you complain? Do you worry about the day ahead of you? Do you think about what’s not working in your life?

How we start our day is how we live our lives.

Now, as I first wake up and open my eyes, (it helps to set the alarm a few minutes early to give yourself this time be with yourself, rather than your to do list) I centre myself with a few good thoughts as I get ready for the day, what a difference it makes!

Good morning, bed. I love you, thank you for being so comfortable.
(I say my name) this is going to be a great day.
Only good lies before me

What do you say when you first look in the bathroom mirror?
Probably your thinking is not too spectacular or kind is it? Try these:
Good morning Darling. I love you.
We are having a great day today.
You are a magnet for miracles.
I am a gift to the world.
You have time for everything you need to do.

What do you say when you take a shower?
Every thought I think is creating my day.
I choose to have a great day
I am willing to change and to grow.
All is well in my world.

What do you say when you get dressed?
There are great experiences coming my way today.
I am loaded with energy, vitality and enthusiasm
You look fantastic today!

How do you leave your house for work? Do you just run out or do you say something nice.
I am the power in my life
I can choose to feel good all day
I can trust myself to make great decisions

And what do you do when you get into the car. Do you slam the door and growl that you have to go to work?
Life loves me!
I will arrive at work at the perfect time.
My day will be filled with ease and pleasure.
There is nothing I cannot handle with ease.

An affirmation is a beginning point. It opens the way. You are saying to your subconscious mind: I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.

Its like taking 5 to breathe, 5 breaths in and 5 breaths out, being in the moment, and doing that throughout the day.

Our negative, worrying, anxious minds unchecked, simply cause havoc. We add one worry on top of another unless we stop and change the direction of our thinking. It’s that simple. Harder to practice I admit, but completely doable.

Open your eyes. Open the door. Take the first step. Say these affirmations tomorrow morning. Say them for the entire week. See how you can change your life by a single thought.

Life is a learning process. We are here to learn and to grow

I make room for all the good that is waiting for me today.

Wishing you all –

Lucky stars above you,
Sunshine on your way,
Many friends to love you,
Joy in work and play-
Laughter to outweigh each care,
In your heart a song-
And gladness waiting everywhere
All your whole life long!

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