It’s Your life, Live it Your Way

What an amazing summer

Cool mornings and evenings and hot sunny days.

It’s BLISS that’s what it is!

And, it’s the perfect time of year to really stop and smell the roses

Paletta lakeshoreTo embrace being in the moment

To go on adventures big or small

To make the time to feel yourself alive

To listen to the beat of your heart and the rise and fall of your breathing

Being in the present moment is both the most simple and most difficult task we learn in life.

It’s simple because it requires only that we pay attention to ourselves and what we are doing in this moment.

It’s the most difficult because most of the time our minds skitter around after any and every distraction that is around us.

It can feel like an impossible task to actually pay close attention for more than moments at a time.

When we’re lost in something that captures our attention, contentment steals over us like a gentle blushlakeside grove

It wells up when we have no concerns about the future and no anxieties over the past.

We feel satisfied with something we’ve done, the place we are in, something we’ve seen, or an unexpected kindness received.

“When we stop chasing the wrong things, we give the right things a chance to catch up, like contentment”.

I went on an adventure today.

I didn’t know it was going to be that until we found this little beach in the woods.

Take advantage of this amazing weather, be outside and go anywhere. Make a date. Go on your own. Take a thermos of iced tea, a notebook, a camera.

Or just simply take yourself off somewhere and see what happens.

Do sPaletta skyomething you don’t normally do.

I laid on my back on the bark covered path, looked up at the trees, the sky and the sun and simply let the warmth, the peace and the moment embrace me.

It was delicious!

Give yourself permission to Love what YOU love and to Do what YOU love

This more than anything determines the outcome of your dreams.

And your dreams determine your actions…
and your actions determine your destiny.

Let in the Magickal!fairy village

I found a fairy garden today.

I was looking for bits of wonky shaped wood for my latest project and something made me look down.

And there it was.

A fairy village!

Another moment and I would have decimated the whole thing with my big clompy feet. So I scrabbled in the dirt on my tummy and took photos.

Watched teeny little crawly things running around and waited to see a fairy. I felt at least 5 years old!

bunnyExpect the unexpected
As we were walking out of the woods my friend spotted this hare.

It wasn’t until I pulled up the picture on the computer that I realised it was looking at me the whole time.

I thought I was OH SO very cleverly sneaking up on it!

Create, play and let in the fun

This is my new creative play, air plants, teeny cactus, driftwood, stones moss and miscellaneous finds create lovely terrariums, gardens and displays.

I’ve long done away with a lot of decorative bits and pieces in my home and have added my own natural creative wonders. You can use candles, crystals or anything else that comes to mind and then take it apart and start again when you feel like a change!

The little toadstool candle holder, I’d completely forgotten about it, I can’t wait for tonight to light it and see what that looksair plant garden (1) like.

What can you play with?

What can you begin creating and rediscover with your inner child?

As Maria Rainer Rilke says

“And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”

Don’t be afraid to explore, and learn and grow, to experience a life through your believing eyes.

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