Expand Your Notion of what’s Possible

Embracing change with creativity and simplicity.

I believe Creativity means that you have the ability to imagine and do something in a way that is appealing, inspiring, pleasurable and uniquely YOU! It’s about putting your touch to something that no-one else does in quite the same way.

Do you remember?
Do you immediately think “nothing” or “I can’t remember”?

Many years ago I used to envy artists so much for their abilities and wished and wished I had that kind of imagination and creativity available to me. Back then I only saw creativity as artistic endeavours and not as an everyday activity that we all participate in. [Read more…]

Cheesecakes and chocolate!

Not for the faint of heart!

Chocolate cheesecake, manna from heaven

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Chocolate is a great teacher.

One of my art teachers used to say relax, breathe and come to the page ready to draw a load of old rubbish. Of course she didn’t mean it QUITE like that.  I’m sure she was trying to encourage us to enjoy the experience of being artistic, without the pressure of having to create a masterpiece.

That’s ok for them I remember thinking, but SURELY she can’t mean ME?
… can she?

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It’s all about the pleasure

When I first plucked up the courage to be “willing” to try blogging, I wanted  to create a space of pure pleasure where I could express my thoughts or creative going-ons. To learn and practice and experience doing something fun just for myself. A place to put the photographs I so enjoy taking. A space to natter away about whatever was on my mind, or about things and events that captured my attention. Somewhere I hoped to record my experiences of “Just this” moments of pure pleasure.  A place where I can remind myself that I am enough just the way I am. Especially a place I didn’t need to be concerned about who was reading or what they’d think. [Read more…]

Unearthing your Inner “Artiste”

The speed of love

For months I have been dithering around with this particular blog.  Fear of not being original.  Of maybe just repeating what others have said. Saying something silly and not being able to say clearly what I am trying to share. Of being  misunderstood. Of not connecting.

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