Reclaim Your Sense of Wonder

feed your spirit

… and everything else becomes lighter and more manageable.

I have spent plenty of my life walking around as if I were asleep, but thinking I am wide-awake!!.

Autopilot has often unconsciously steered me along the familiar paths between home and the grocery store, weekend activities, the shopping mall or business creativity.

During this “dream state” I glimpse towering white clouds, a sky full of stars, the moon’s fullness and the brilliance of the sunshine. I indulge in wishful thinking, top up my to-do list, smile, eat, sleep, engage in conversations.

But mostly on auto-pilot I’m pre-occupied with living my life: getting things done, working, and sometimes playing.

Until something snaps me back into the moment [Read more…]

Banish Your winter Blahs

On Sunday, I was editing the article for this week’s newsletter when sunshine spilling through my windows landed on me and caught my attention.

“Wouldn’t it be great to be outside right now and feel the heat on my face I thought?”

I continued editing, because I wanted to be finished.

“What if I took a walk in the sunshine and finished editing later said a little voice.”

I ignored it.

What if?

The first duty of love is to listen

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Spring Transitions

Get Your Happy On!

No matter how long winter is, spring arrives.

No matter how long winter is, spring arrives.

Oh this weather!

Tuesday we had our windows open, enjoyed the afternoon sunshine – hope of spring days dancing before our eyes.

Wednesday we were buried under a huge snowfall.

I’m sure that like me, you are hoping that we are experiencing the last of Winter baring it’s icy fangs.

I for one am ready to shrug off the winter cobwebs, put away my boots and winter paraphernalia, and break out my flip-flops and my bicycle!

Meanwhile, we have the transition between seasons to navigate.

Transitions are psychological. It’s not the events outside us that make the transition…

It’s the inner-reorientation and the meaning we make of these times that define how well our bodies, minds and emotions adjust between seasons. [Read more…]

The Pain and Beauty of Life Changes

“I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward.”
~Thomas Edison~

Today is the 21st Day of the 42 Day Gratitude Challenge on my Facebook page.

To be honest when I started I thought it would be easy.

I keep a regular grateful practice going as a matter of course.

But I quickly discovered there is a huge difference between just keeping a private journal where it doesn’t much matter what I wrote or whether I got a bit lazy about it some days, because it was only me reading it.

And a public one where I am SEEN. It has really humbled me at times, keeping up on those days when everything goes “pear-shaped!” [Read more…]

Be Your Own Cheerleader!!

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

John Barrymore

Your happiness is a gift. It is a gift to your friends, partner, family and children. And happiness studies prove that happiness is more than just a pleasurable emotion that makes you feel good; it has essential properties that bring out the best in you and that also help you to be genuinely friendly, loving, forgiving, altruistic and kind.

Happiness is good for you, and it’s good for everyone else too. [Read more…]