Life is Too Short

to live your life tolerating things you shouldn’t!

At the beginning of the year one of my major intentions was to simplify. Not just in the way I live on a daily basis, but also in the things I own, the way I look at life and the activities I am part of.

As I was wondering where to begin, I realised that while I keep clutter at bay, and everything has a home, I did seem to be hoarding rather a lot of items that fell into the “just in case” category.

Then there were the things I’d “paid good money” for and thought was a waste to throw away, or gifts or items that used to mean something, but, now were just there! [Read more…]

It’s Your Choice

When does your best life begin?

When YOU say it does …

Any time of the day or week or month that you decide you want to begin something different or be somebody different.

Anytime you have had enough of your emotions sabotaging your progress

Anytime you feel tired of the sameness of your life Or you realise your health is out of balance.

Anytime you find yourself hesitating to take a chance to think of a world filled with unlimited possibilities. [Read more…]

Take a Stand for Yourself

Funny thing about life

It never ceases to amaze us

Due to life’s unexpectedness and the element of surprise, I’ve been rather slow moving into the year with my newsletter and workshops.

Back in December I was brimming with ideas.

Filled with inspiration and creativity. [Read more…]

Honoring Your Experiences

Another year coming to a close,

filled with triumphs and tribulations, memorable moments and unforgettable lessons.

I think this could be a great intention for 2013! [Read more…]

Giving Yourself Permission to Succeed

Gentle ways to Owning your Inspired Power

We cannot dream of doing great things and hide in the corner at the same time and expect our lives to feel better.

Our hearts and souls, the Inspired power within us, our Inner Genius or Wisdom needs LOVE.

Lots of it.

[Read more…]