One Small Habit changes everything

Engaging your Compassionate Heart

It’s perplexing isn’t it?

How difficult it can be to build and maintain good habits? Especially the long term ones we’re working on.

Why is it that we fall so easily back into “old habits,” even when we know we’re doing them? [Read more…]

An Inspired Approach

Everything you Say, Do and Create, begins with a thought….

The deeper I embrace this Gratitude Practice that I began some weeks ago, the more I find myself rattling on about it to everyone who’ll give me air space!

I have kept a gratitude journal for years and found great benefits, however I have to add that something quite wonderful and unexpected happens when you take your Gratitude practice out of the pages of your journal and onto a wider audience.

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A New Vision for You!

Creating a  vision

Here’s a simple ritual for those of you who are interested in creating a better vision for yourselves.

The Intentions are from Louise Hay

Creating a new vision requires us to let go of any beliefs and thoughts that don’t support the vision or You right now and add some new intentions into your process.

It’s necessary to learn to relax before you can solve your problems. [Read more…]

What do You Wish For?

Do you ask enough questions, or do you settle for what you know?

Many of the hours I spend coaching and working with clients are spent reminding people who they really are.

Some of them, are quietly desperate for their own attention.

They want to know themselves on a deeper level. They’ve forgotten who they are.

They want their passion back.

Because when we have passion, we can do anything, create any reality. [Read more…]

Are You Looking at Your Life…

Or Overlooking Your Life?

This week finds me in St Catherine’s taking care of my little Grand-puppy Athena, while her parents live it up in San Diego!

And one of the things I love best about Athena, my little warrior princess is watching her navigate life in her ability to just live in the moment.

It’s very clear she lives in her own passionate and at times intense little world where she is Queen every day. Things happen, she deals with them and then she just gets on with the next thing. So simple! [Read more…]