Spring Transitions

Get Your Happy On!

No matter how long winter is, spring arrives.

No matter how long winter is, spring arrives.

Oh this weather!

Tuesday we had our windows open, enjoyed the afternoon sunshine – hope of spring days dancing before our eyes.

Wednesday we were buried under a huge snowfall.

I’m sure that like me, you are hoping that we are experiencing the last of Winter baring it’s icy fangs.

I for one am ready to shrug off the winter cobwebs, put away my boots and winter paraphernalia, and break out my flip-flops and my bicycle!

Meanwhile, we have the transition between seasons to navigate.

Transitions are psychological. It’s not the events outside us that make the transition…

It’s the inner-reorientation and the meaning we make of these times that define how well our bodies, minds and emotions adjust between seasons. [Read more…]

One Small Habit changes everything

Engaging your Compassionate Heart

It’s perplexing isn’t it?

How difficult it can be to build and maintain good habits? Especially the long term ones we’re working on.

Why is it that we fall so easily back into “old habits,” even when we know we’re doing them? [Read more…]

Savouring the Season

Don’t just survive the Christmas holidays savour them

Sure, we all love the Christmas holiday season.
But, enough already, with so much of it, right?

In my house, we’ve been slowly cutting the crazy out of our Christmas for a couple of years.

It hasn’t been easy getting to here, but making small changes each year to reduce the stress, expense and then tame the over-the-top traditions has been time well spent.

I experiment every year with something different. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Honor Your Own Worth

Replace Self-Defeat with Self-Love

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” – Robert Morely

Honoring yourself means you protect yourself, you trust yourself, you take care of yourself. And you do things in a way that support and strengthen that desire to feel good. When you stand firm  in a new story of loving yourself, and you share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you, and your story will heal the people you come into contact with. [Read more…]

Overcoming Disappointment

Disappointments are proof that you’re trying

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire and how you handle disappointment along the way.”
— Robert Kiyosaki

I began this week’s article on Sunday morning. I wasn’t planning to be up super early.

I’d planned a nice long lie-in.

But the snow clearers decided that 6am was the perfect time to come out by the swarm and clean up the downtown streets from yesterdays, all-day snowstorm. [Read more…]