4 Tips In Pursuit of peace

Quieting Down the Mind

Experience a sense of happiness and freedon

Experience a sense of happiness and freedom

Isn’t this the best summer ever?

Long, warm days, hot sunshine and cool nights

Mid-year! The perfect invitation to sit back and reflect on life.

The perfect time to linger, marvel, gaze about, appreciate and soak up summer moments.

The perfect time to moodle on questions you have about your life.

The perfect time to breathe deeply and take stock of where you are. [Read more…]

Overcoming Disappointment

Disappointments are proof that you’re trying

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire and how you handle disappointment along the way.”
— Robert Kiyosaki

I began this week’s article on Sunday morning. I wasn’t planning to be up super early.

I’d planned a nice long lie-in.

But the snow clearers decided that 6am was the perfect time to come out by the swarm and clean up the downtown streets from yesterdays, all-day snowstorm. [Read more…]

Dancing Between Ease and Effort

What a Glorious Summer!

Are you feeling like I do? The need to pinch yourself daily to make sure you’re awake, and we really are having this summer.

I find myself so grateful and happy each evening as the heat cools, and each morning as I step into nippy air, for what can only be the Blessings of the Gods this year! [Read more…]

Finding Your Own Peaceful Way

Being Calm and centered

Meditation is a simple process. So simple in fact that there is a lot of confusion and misconception about it. [Read more…]

You Are Fabulous!

Yes … YOU!

Maya Angelou says “We do what we know, until we know better. And when we know better, we do better”

[Read more…]