What if Being Happier is easier than You thought?

Regardless about how we all might be feeling about this particular Spring that’s shown up for us all; are you like me, having to listen to one too many wearying comments about how wretched the weather is?

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Strengthen Your Resolve with Kindness

Cultivating Compassion and Understanding

Ask the question “how to break a bad habit” or “integrate new changes” and most people will tell you “Willpower!”

The other day I heard it called the “just say NO response”
Cute … no?

Would you be surprised to know that when we want to make life changes – letting go of bad habits and reinforcing good habits; we need to depend as much on compassion and self understanding as we do on willpower?

That without compassion for ourselves it’s incredibly difficult to cultivate and strengthen   our self-control? [Read more…]

Love in the face of sabotage!

Nothing is ever done until you decide it’s done

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Kiss the Ones You Love

“While you breathe, sing. While you live, love. While you work, shine. While you walk, dance. While you see, dream.” anonymous

And finally the Holiday of all holidays is almost here!

The season of goodwill, of counting our blessings, celebrations and sharing and smiles is upon us. Time to enjoy being with family and friends, and take a well deserved pause before the New Year arrives. [Read more…]

Enjoying the Ride, Creates the Ride

Last week I talked about life being a Madcap Caper.

And the importance of really believing we all deserve to have more and we all deserve to be happy!

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