There exists a Queen in all of us

… we just have to anoint her!

Here we are in an age now where we know in our hearts that things have to change, that WE need to make changes.

We’ve done everything right yet, you don’t feel right.

Have you ever had that feeling?

Nothing in particular is happening. There’s no siren blaring.

There’s just an inner knowing that it’s time to wake up. The old rules no longer apply. [Read more…]

Is This What’s Stopping You?

Overcoming the discomfort of change

Over the last few days I have exchanged my usual morning journal practice for an “inner listening” writing practice.

Oh-my-goodness it is SO hard!

I feel like I did when I first began meditating. I expected to sit and breathe, and peace would magically descend, and I’d be transported to a happy peaceful place.

As most of you know that’s pretty much NOT what meditation practices feel like to begin with. [Read more…]

5 simple steps for living Friendly!

Have you been accepting the safe and easy choices, afraid to step out of your comfort zone and yet tell everyone…

“This isn’t working for me any more, I am not happy! I need more for me!”

1. Starting today could you, be willing to believe that you matter enough to step out of your comfort zone over and over again, for however long it takes, and face your fears with courage and passion. [Read more…]

Be Happy Anyway!

“In your ability to change your life lays your greatest power to change it!” Marianne Williamson


Have you been feeling a bit off your game the last couple weeks, more irritable, more easily tired than you’d like?

ME too!

I have found being thrown back into the dark mornings and all those dark heavy overcast days really disorientating the last little while. [Read more…]

Don’t wait for the Perfect Time

…before Welcoming in Change and Opportunity!

“Oh, the things you can find if you don’t stay behind.”
Dr Seuss

They say that our life’s purpose IS finding our life’s purpose.

I read somewhere lately that writers, and journalists use the term sagging middle (awful image comes to mind, right?).

Apparently this describes a place in a story that’s fallen flat and seems dull and boring due to a lack of action.

Something that authors, writers and bloggers avoid like the plague in order to keep their readers engaged.

I guess our lives all get like that from time to time.. a bit saggy in the middle.

You know that feeling, right? [Read more…]