If you’re feeling:

Disappointed in yourself for making the “wrong” choices…
Tired of being a square peg in a round hole…
Discouraged by failures and setbacks…
Angry with people who’ve wronged you…
Frustrated by opportunities that have passed you by…
Trapped by circumstances, you can’t see how to move on from here…
Ashamed of yourself for mistakes you’ve made…
Anxious about everything that isn’t working in your life…

1. believinginyourstory

I know what it’s like to live in disappointment and feel regret and powerless because of it.

I also know how powerful it feels to get to know yourself, to make better decisions and choices and to feel confident that you’re showing up as your best self.

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I have been stuck and ashamed many times in my life about events that happened to me or the choices I’ve made that blew up in my face.

So many times I have found myself fixating on what I should have done or could have done, or how other people should have behaved.

Then there’s the “if only” this or that had been the case and spending way too much time wishfully thinking my past pain would just get up and disappear.

But, even when we know we have to make changes, know we have to let go of old resentments and grudges, it’s not always easy to take those first steps.

We believe that our feelings and the beliefs we have about what’s already happened in the past, is the reason we aren’t happy in the present.

We keep our old limiting stories because they are comfortable. And when we don’t know how to help ourselves to move forward, we tell ourselves, things will change (magically) or we just “hope something” will happen to make it all better – and then we’ll be happier.

Through being mentored and coached and in turn coaching my clients I understand this way of thinking is something that all of us have in common.  We believe in the stories we’ve weaved around our past lives.

We believe in the stories we’ve weaved around our past lives, and this blocks all our options to moving forwards.

quote-believeyou'respecialThe good news is

… that we can change the interpretation of how we see our past experiences and begin to see ourselves in a different light.

tinyspiral We can discover compassion for ourselves despite our delicious flaws and foibles.

tinyspiral We begin to root for our own happiness and success.

tinyspiral I believe that as we dig deep and discover our courage, our dreams that have been waiting patiently for us to wake up, begin to emerge.

And when we are willing to invest in our ourselves, we get to believe in ourselves again and live our best lives.

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1. testimonials

Clients work with me personally when they’re…

  • feeling trapped by circumstances and can’t see where to go next?
  • searching for a way to overcome that sinking feeling that greets you each morning that you keep to yourself?
  • needing to reconnect with their authentic selves
  • looking for a new direction but don’t know which way to turn?
  • limited by obstacles that prevent you from making changes…
  • ready to connect with their passions and discover what brings them lasting happiness?
  • experiencing a deep yearning to be creative, to make time to do that
  • readying to take the leap from day job to soul work
  • wanting to bring more confidence to all that they do
  • stretching way out of their comfort zone
  • aching to bring their whole selves to everything that they do
  • not sure what their purpose is anymore
  • answering the call of their spirit

What’s your reason for wanting change?

Being mentored and guided is a great way to clarify what it is that you desire, and to be inspired and supported on your journey of discovery, innovation, and growth.

I believe that when we recover our resilience and inner strength we meet life’s challenges head-on with renewed enthusiasm and confidence!

I will support you and encourage you to discover what’s really important to you, how to expand your vision and confidence and take the action steps to create your most satisfying life.