I’m offering you 2 ways to work with me…

1-on-1 Coaching: Through regular coaching sessions, I help you create a  life where you feel powerful and in control of your choices and decisions, by helping you to see yourself, get to know yourself in whole new ways.

I want to help you create a life you want to be living.

On the phone, skype or in person.

Group Coaching: Classes are scheduled throughout the year. If you’d like to stay in touch with me for the next one, please sign up to receive my newsletter, Natural Radiance and receive a complimentary:

Unleash Your brilliance e-book and

Mp3 – “Inner stillness”

Read more about coaching or contact me now and we can discover how I can best support you.

All of my coaching follows along similar lines:

tinyspiral I provide a safe, supportive and encouraging space where you can discover your dreams, the possibilities open to you and who YOU are, in new ways.  As well, I help you embrace your vulnerabilities, challenges, and disappointments so you can show up in the world as the best version of YOU!

tinyspiral Too often, we imagine there is only room for successes in our lives. In truth, we need to make room for ALL the parts that we are and it’s helpful to all of us to learn to make friends with all of them.

tinyspiral I’m interested in how you think and what you think about so I can help you change your perspective of what is possible for you. Releasing the energy that’s tied up with negative thoughts, gives you the opportunity to invest in thoughts that create confidence and positive experiences.

tinyspiral I like to ask powerful questions that open up your self-awareness, questions you can relate to and use to create the changes you want to bring into your life;  deeper happiness; confidence to reach goals, develop meaningful relationships and more.

tinyspiral I listen well and deeply to how you speak to yourself. Negative thoughts create blocks in your mindset, and these take up valuable space in your head, exhaust your energy and shut down your options
We work on your mindset, the small thoughts and the big thoughts and the stories you tell yourself; to keep you in forward motion and feeling confident and encouraged.

tinyspiral I believe that as you reframe your negative thoughts and your stories in your own words, with your own goals as a guide, you empower yourself to make the changes you want

tinyspiral I offer insights to support you and then we work together so you get this for yourself. When you find your own answers you get to move forwards. Then if you hit any bumps in the road in the future, you’ll know how help yourself

tinyspiral In between sessions, you continue your work, with meaningful, individual exercises we work on together.
You have me to believe in you, encourage you to recognize all your accomplishments and gifts, even on those days when you don’t believe in yourself.

tinyspiral We celebrate your victories

tinyspiral I hold you gently and firmly accountable for taking the action steps you say you want to take!

tinyspiral You gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and discover what’s gorgeous and uniquely, deliciously you

I believe that when you show up for yourself, you step into a greater version of yourself.  You will feel connected to your dreams and goals and confident of moving in the direction that is the best one for you!

Are you ready to start creating positive change in YOUR life?