Energy Treatments


Energy Healing

Nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit

ReikiEnergy Healing techniques are Holistic healing modalities. So when you hear the term holistic applied to a specific therapy, it just means that your practitioner will place great importance on you as a whole person. Not only are your physical symptoms addressed, but your mental states – the thoughts you have; your emotional state -how you feel, your lifestyle and social situation are all considered in regards to being part of the healing process.

We all have an energy field that surrounds us and flows through our physical body. This energy field is intimately associated with our wellbeing and the state of our health. We and everything in the universe exist because of this vibrant and intelligent energy matrix. This flow of energy supports us, nourishes us, and communicates to us when we are hungry, thirsty, tired, upset, ill or in pain.

When you have a healthy vibrant flow of energy throughout all the cells of your body, you will feel  less pain and tension. You’ll be more lighthearted and energetic, and be able to manage difficulties and problem solve with less anxiety and greater ease.

Reiki Healing

Bringing harmony and balance to the Body, Mind and spirit

Reiki-maleThe term Reiki means the Universal Life Giving Energy flow that animates all Life.
Reiki is a gentle, effective and deeply relaxing therapy that reduces stress and relieves pain and discomfort. At the same time it promotes deep relaxation, harmony and healing to your whole self. When we feel calmer and happier we have access to our inner wisdom. This is the guidance system that resides in all of us, and it’s how we receive the  clarity and the creative ideas we have about how best to care for ourselves and what next steps might suit us best.

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Raindrop Technique

Harmony and balance in the midst of your busy life!

RaindropRaindrop Technique is a powerful non-invasive, non-manipulative procedure for pain relief, respiratory and digestive issues and deep relaxation. Applying pure essential oils to the soles of the feet, then the oils are dispensed along the spine, like “little raindrops” from six inches above the back. Gentle massage along the vertebrae and back muscles, shoulders and neck ~ carry away tension and pain while detoxing and reducing inflammation.

Whether you are seeking to resolve a health issue, unwind and reduce stress or revitalize energy levels, you will love this sensual Body/Mind experience!

Raindrop is especially effective in bringing relief to unresolved health issues and deep tension and anxiety

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