Raindrop Technique

Experience a unique and luxurious healing session

Raindrop Technique® combines aromatherapy with massage and a vita-flex technique in the application of essential oils to specific areas of the body. At its conception, Raindrop was originally researched to correct defects in the curvature of the spine. It is more widely used now in the treatment of chronic and acute disease, for relief of digestive, respiratory, circulatory concerns, and for detoxification purposes.

We use the essential oils that are developed by D. Gary Young, founder and CEO of Young Living Oils. Gary found that by combining the holistic techniques – Aromatherapy, Vita-flex with Feather stroking, synergistic healing and balancing effect is created in the body, mind and spirit.

Increases energy levels and mental alertness

Some benefits of Raindrop technique

Deep relaxation to the nervous system

Activates the body’s own healing

Strengthens immune function

Releases inflammation and pain

Unwinds tight sore muscles and ligaments

Clears flu and respiratory conditions

Improves sleep patterns and moods

Releases toxins from the body

Whether you are seeking to resolve a health issue, unwind and reduce stress or revitalize energy levels, you will love this sensual Body/Mind experience!

The oils are then gently worked into the skin, along the spine, in between the vertebrae, and then massaged into the back muscles, shoulders, and neck; releasing tension while detoxing and reducing inflammation and pain.

If you are seeking harmony and well-being in the midst of your busy life, a raindrop treatment will assist you in creating balance and alignment, while stimulating all your body systems on a physical, mental and emotional level.

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What happens in a Raindrop Session

~true indulgence for the body mind and spirit

Raindrop Technique is done on a massage table, and the oils are first applied to the soles of the feet using vita flex techniques. Then the essential oils are delicately dispensed like “little raindrops” from a height of about six inches above the back and along the spine. Falling through the energy field and onto the spine, the oil droplet’s vibration is greatly enhanced.

There is no heavy pressure, the oils instead are gently applied along the spine and back muscles using a variety of techniques, including gentle feather-like strokes. This encourages maximum oil absorption through the skin to nerve endings and then throughout the bodily tissues and organs.

A temporary mild warming sensation is normal in Raindrop Technique and rather than being a cause for concern, this warming indicates that positive benefits are being imparted.

Once all the oils are applied, a warm compress is applied to the back, increasing optimal absorption and benefits of the essential oils.

How long is a Raindrop Session?

Although the oil application process takes about 50 minutes for the basic treatment, allow 90 minutes for the whole session. The oils will continue working in the body for up to one week following the session often with healing and continuing re-alignment taking place during this time.

The technique is deeply relaxing, and it is recommended that you take some time out after the Raindrop Technique massage just to relax your body and slowly ease it back into the real world.

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Most individuals find themselves feeling, lighter, energized, thinking more clearly, creatively, generally feeling healthier and more alive. Pain is usually significantly reduced or gone.If you have long-term unresolved pain and discomfort, you may enjoy adding this as a regular therapy to your health routine

Some clients prefer to experience the Raindrop Technique just for the detoxification effects … 3 to 4 times a year, as this can help rid any viruses lying dormant in the spinal fluid and throughout the body.

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Very occasionally, there are mild side-effects of this treatment, simply from the body releasing toxins.  Symptoms may be anything from mild headaches, digestive clearing, temporary flu-like symptoms (but not the flu) and  mild fatigue. This is normal and is a result of  your body releasing toxins and does not mean there is anything wrong. In most cases any “detoxing” is very mild and short-lived, (a good nights sleep usually does the trick) and once finished – you are left feeling energized and well.

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