Spring Transitions

Get Your Happy On!

No matter how long winter is, spring arrives.

No matter how long winter is, spring arrives.

Oh this weather!

Tuesday we had our windows open, enjoyed the afternoon sunshine – hope of spring days dancing before our eyes.

Wednesday we were buried under a huge snowfall.

I’m sure that like me, you are hoping that we are experiencing the last of Winter baring it’s icy fangs.

I for one am ready to shrug off the winter cobwebs, put away my boots and winter paraphernalia, and break out my flip-flops and my bicycle!

Meanwhile, we have the transition between seasons to navigate.

Transitions are psychological. It’s not the events outside us that make the transition…

It’s the inner-reorientation and the meaning we make of these times that define how well our bodies, minds and emotions adjust between seasons.

Transitions are times of crossing or traveling from something old and familiar to something new and unfamiliar.

Seasonal transitions can feel disruptive in our routines, our physical health and our mental and emotional states.

So this is a very good time to re-examine our values and lifestyle, and pay attention to today and our present moments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Spring the Season of Anger and note that it’s important to especially support the liver and gallbladder.

There’s a push and pull energy going on between the Winter’s fading (even though we can’t yet see it) and Spring’s regeneration and renewal of Spirit.

The sky isn't always blue, the sun doesn't  always shine. So it's alright if things fall apart at times, just remember to get back up again.

The sky isn’t always blue, the sun doesn’t always shine.
So it’s alright if things fall apart at times, just remember to get back up again.

It shows up as impatience, anger, frustration and apathy as our bodies ready themselves for lighter, brighter and warmer days.

I can see it in how many of my Reiki clients are experiencing feelings of anger and anxiety that have become problematic.

I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling rather long-suffering and less than patient over the last couple of weeks.

Anger, and the sadness and grief that often accompany anger, stop us from thinking and behaving rationally. We have difficulty seeing situations in their true perspective.

When this occurs, we tend to see only we want to see and remember only what we want to remember. We start being hard on ourselves; we dislike others, lose confidence in ourselves and our enthusiasm for life becomes dampened.

So it’s important to recognise that for the most part, these are simply seasonal symptoms we are experiencing. There are lots of things we can do for ourselves to find relief and help our bodies, mind and emotions adjust over the next few weeks.

8 Steps to Recovering your Mojo

food-LemoncleanserecipeStep 1. The Lemon Cleanse drink is a great pick me up, and my favourite drink especially at this time of year. It balances acidity in your tummy to counteract anxiety, supports our digestive system and tastes fantastic, warm or cold to get you feeling upbeat, enthusiastic and energetic, so you’re ready when the warmer weather arrives.
Download a printable copy of the Lemon Cleanse Recipe

Step 2. To calm an overactive liver or invigorate a stagnant one
Get exposure to outdoor light. Yes, even though its cold, get outside and walk for 10 minutes a day, even that small time will make a big difference. Move your body, get your circulation moving. Light enters the brain through the eyes and impacts serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that play a role in improving mood.

Step 3. Get closer to the window. If possible arrange your office so that your desk is closer to the outside and to sunshine. This will provide natural light which will also help to enhance your mood. If this isn’t possible consider a light therapy box. This is a device that creates an artificial light mimicking natural light.

Step 4. Bodywork is important during spring to keep the energy channels flowing while assisting in detoxification.
Reiki brings harmony to the liver/gall bladder energy meridians, healing emotional imbalances such as anger. Reiki is great from bringing clear thinking and greater perspective. In Winter we often lead “small” lives, its time to start opening up those horizons now.

quote-believeyou'respecialStep 5. Give yourself permission to let go of any old relationship, situation or event so you can create new beginnings. Just as Spring leaves bud, and flowers bloom, you, too, will find new energy to make a new beginning.
What do you need now? What pleasures are you missing in your life? Think about what you want right now. What is waiting in the back of your mind to begin? Who would you like to be? What would you like to do in the time you have remaining? Visualize your future unfolding the way you want.

Step 6. Be open and flexible. Most people over the winter months settle into comfortable routines. Know that your present routine is only temporary. Something may happen at any time that can force you to change your routine. What kind of new routines do you wish you had? Allow that like natures growth patterns, life transitions are slow processes that take time.

Step 7. What about practising “the art of sitting in stillness” and just being with yourself? If you sit quietly and close your eyes you’ll notice, after a few moments, a subtle buzzing or layer of tension deep inside your nervous system. Pay attention to the ways you attempt to escape this frequent unease or discomfort. The most usual is to have the TV or radio on all the time. Or the minute you have a pause in your busyness, do you reach for your phone and start messaging or scrolling through Facebook posts.?

Step 8. Awaken to a deeper sense of Gratitude during the next few weeks. Thoughts of appreciation for just a few minutes a day, can shift the nervous system toward a calm state, which has profound effects on emotional, mental and heart health!
And make sure you put your own unique self at the top of the list!

Studies have shown that people who cultivate feelings of gratitude and that use affirmations in their lives have better health, feel more connected, achieve more of their goals, exercise more, sleep better, improve their relationships, become more generous, and feel happier.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and adventurous Transition




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