The Upside of Brazen Gratitude

Life is like a mirror, if you SMILE at it, it will SMILE at you.

I had an enlightening experience earlier this week as I was coming out of the library. I was dressed in a light jacket and I was feeling quite blissful. The sun was warm on my face while a chilly breeze swept over my cheeks. [Read more…]

How Do You Stay Inspired?

Wow, April at last, and I am so happy to be able to fling the windows open each morning and greet warmer air. And there’s sunshine out there!
These last few weeks have been quite the challenge haven’t they?

I have really missed writing and connecting with you all, but I needed to step back, regroup, rethink and recharge this year.

seeingthelightI have to say, it’s good to be back and feeling inspired again.

But WOW! getting started writing has felt like an act of revolution, and finding the courage and focus to begin again was surprisingly difficult. [Read more…]

It’s Your life, Live it Your Way

What an amazing summer

Cool mornings and evenings and hot sunny days.

It’s BLISS that’s what it is!

And, it’s the perfect time of year to really stop and smell the roses

Paletta lakeshoreTo embrace being in the moment

To go on adventures big or small

To make the time to feel yourself alive [Read more…]

Calming Down The Mind

Creating Your Happy Place

Your inner world directs your outer experience.

Your inner world directs your outer experience.

I love these beginning Spring days filled with sunshine after the blanketing cold we’ve been experiencing for so long.

Fresh chill breezes, new beginnings, bright sunshine, meals outside, dreams of getting back on my bike for long rides along the beach.

All of these thoughts make my spirit sing. I call these thoughts my Happy Places.

My Happy Place is a space in my mind where I visualize what inspires me to happiness.

They are all the thoughts that make me smile and feel excited.

It’s my super quick and effective practice to keep my spirits light at this time of year. I can calm worries and crazy thoughts or simply give myself a quick time out when life gets a bit too much.

[Read more…]

Getting Your Love Groove Back On

Feeling better We Do s0 much better

How do you start your day?

Just for today

One of the best places to reduce the escalation of anxiety, is in the morning.

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