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It’s good to look at life from another perspective.

Q ~ I’m pretty sure I already have this energy in my hands. Am I a natural healer, do I need to learn Reiki?

A ~ Yes absolutely, you already have the capacity to channel or flow energy through your hands. We all come into this lifetime ‘programmed’ to flow energy through our bodies for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Our bodies are always moving towards healing and energy therapies simply provide additional support and encouragement for that healing to occur.

Let’s start with the word “natural healer” Not one of us can actually claim to directly heal another. We may be instrumental in the healing process, but the body itself is its own natural born healer. We are merely facilitators, helping to create the conditions that stimulate the body’s own healing abilities.

a) Of course, it is not necessary to learn Reiki to help yourself or your friends and family.

b) However, if you are interested in creating a business and wish to charge for your services, or develop your intuition and understanding of energy healing, then it would indeed be helpful to have your Reiki certification.

Learning Reiki and receiving the attunements ‘amps’ up the flow of energy you have to offer other people; and also teaches you the ethical values involved in energy work so you don’t deplete your own energy reserves or get in the way of another’s healing process.

Q. Why ethics is taught to Reiki Practitioners?

A~ As energy workers, we are the facilitator in the healing process. The recipient of the energy decides (by means of their own energetic intelligence) how much and where that energy will most benefit them. This is a simple concept, but not always so easy to put into practice, especially when you have a strong desire to help people feel better.
Reiki is never about us and our desires and needs – it is always about the recipient. One of the most important learning you will come to understand is to set your personality, your desires, and your ego aside while you do this work. Receiving the attunements and learning the basics of energy work is simple, compared to the actual art of working with the energy with the intent of benefiting yourself and others … that is the work of a lifetime!

Q~ Is Reiki some kind of religion?

A ~ Reiki is definitely not a religion, it is a method of applying energy to people, situations and things. If you so choose, it can definitely become a spiritual path for your evolution and growth. With the sincere practice of Reiki you will bring learning into all areas of your life.

Q ~ I’m a massage therapist, (chiropractor, nurse etc.). Will learning Reiki be useful for me?

A ~ Reiki is a safe and effective complement to all therapeutic practices no matter what they are. Reiki will make a difference in your practice because you will be able to offer your patients or clients the benefit of additional healing energy when you are working with them using your own modality.
Reiki is fun and fast to learn and you may find yourself enjoying the benefits of Reiki as well !

Q ~ What kind of Reiki do you teach?

A ~ I presently teach Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho, and I teach it traditionally, and as close to how I was taught as possible.

Q ~ What level of Reiki do I need in order to practice on others effectively?

A ~ There is no law that says that you have to have a certain level of Reiki to practice on other people. However, to be truly effective on your healing path requires lots of practice and enough training to provide you with the tools in order to be the best Energy/ Reiki worker you can be. The more you practice, and the more attunements you receive as you work through the Reiki Levels enables your body to channel ever greater amounts of healing energy.

From my own experience as a teacher, I would suggest completing the First and Second Levels of Reiki training are sufficient to become an effective energy worker serving your community. If you wish only to use Reiki with friends and family Reiki Level I is sufficient. Within the rules of the Canadian Reiki Association they suggest Reiki level Two is the point you can charge for your services, this seems appropriate, but the rule is not written in stone.

Q.  Do I need to be a Reiki Master to charge for my services?

A~ (see previous answer)  Plus: The Master/Teacher degree is really only necessary only if you want to teach others.  If you find that you are meant to continue on the Reiki path, you may one day decide to take Master Teacher training so that you can help others to learn this wonderful healing modality. The world needs many more Reiki teachers than are now available.

Q ~ Some teachers teach all the degrees of Reiki in a long weekend. Why don’t you do this?

A ~ I do occasionally offer 1st and 2nd Degrees over a two-day weekend, but my preference is to teach one class at a time. I like  to give my students time for their Body, Mind and Spirit to adjust to the energy attunement changes.

The first level is all about you and your healing, and it’s good to take the time to work with the energy on yourself for a while at least in the beginning. By all means extend that assistance to others if you desire, but I do invite you to keep the focus on your own learning and experience.

There is a lot of material to incorporate into your personal knowledge base even at Reiki Level I. The more you make your practice a personal one at this level, the more you gain experience sensing the different energy flows throughout the body. When you participate in a Reiki Level I class you are not only absorbing mental information, you are also adjusting to a new vibration of energy; it’s a good idea to allow yourself to time to adjust to this new feeling.

Teaching one level at a time allows time to assimilate the new information. Taking things more slowly reduces the stress on your mind and body, and in this day and age of heightened stress, this can only be a good thing!

A great time to take the Reiki I & II consecutively is when you haven’t used your skills for some time and are looking for a refresher or upgrade.

Q ~ Is a “healing crisis” different from a detox

A ~ Yes, the so-called “healing crisis” is a short period of adjustment that may take place in the energy body of a Reiki student as a result of the energy shifting in the body after receiving the attunement(s) to any of the Reiki levels.

The phrase “healing crisis” sounds more dramatic than it really is; it would be more accurate to call it an “energy adjustment”. There are some intense stories going around about 21 day “detox” symptoms and I personally have never known anyone who experienced this.

Sometimes students will find they feel a little emotional after the first class, and this soon passes and they feel lighter and at ease emotionally and mentally. This is very natural and is simply one of the effects of energy healing.  Very occasionally someone may find that a day or two after their attunement, they might experience VERY mild, flu-like symptoms, (but not the flu).

Speaking from my own experience, I remember feeling tired and relaxed the following day.  I felt no illness at all and this happened only with the first level. A quiet day of rest and lots of water took care of it. The following morning I felt wonderful and refreshed, and in my experience this is the usual outcome.

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