Reiki Level I  ~ 1 1/2 days teaching

Reiki Level I  Certification is recognised by The Ontario College of Massage Therapists and completion of this course will count as 5 CEU’s for RMT’s

I teach Reiki Level One in 2 classes.

The first Class is 6 hours in length followed by a second 4-hour practical class, approximately 3 weeks later.
This gives you the unique opportunity to absorb the information from the first class before returning to a full practical class.
My students LOVE this!

Next Reiki Level I Class- October 14th, 2018

Reiki Level I is an introduction to a safe and gentle hands-on method of healing that brings deep relaxation, peace and mental clarity while activating the body’s natural healing ability. It’s a simple and effective way of healing imbalances and increasing the energy flow in and around our bodies. When our energy flow is strong and vibrant we experience greater health, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Reiki Level I is the foundational level for all the other Reiki levels. You learn that the ability to flow energy through you is a natural born ability, and your first attunements help you to connect in a more direct way to this knowledge. As your energy centres are re-awakened and attuned, you are able to receive and direct a stronger flow of energy to yourself and others.

The focus for Reiki Level I is primarily on the physical body, helping it to receive a stronger flow of energy as you become more in tune and aware of your energetic presence. At this level, your intuition is expanding to become more open, and responsive to your natural life force so that you can give yourself and others energy treatments.

Your Class learning will include:

The history of Reiki

The five Reiki principles

Importance of ethics in healing

Receive a series of Reiju (attunements) to empower you to be a Reiki channel.

Understand how your energy works and why we get sick

All of the hand positions for treating yourself and others

Plenty of time is set aside for practical practice; using hand positions for self-healing and those for healing others.

An introduction to the ways you can use Reiki in your everyday life

Receive a beautiful and complete Reiki Manual.

On completion of your day and a half training, you will receive your Reiki Certificate stating you are a Reiki Level I Certified Practitioner.

You will also be provided with all the information you need concerning membership and obtaining Registered Practitioner designation in the Canadian Reiki Association.

Snacks and drinks will be provided

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Linda McLenachan

Lucinda has a genuine caring nature that made it so easy to learn this wonderful healing modality and to ask questions about anything I didn’t understand.  Lucinda is a teacher dedicated to enlightening her students.  Her teaching comes from her heart and with great love.

I confidently recommend her to anyone I meet who is truly interested in giving their lives focus.I’d love people to know they should be prepared to meet an honest, sincere, caring person who is there for anyone with a desire to change their lives.  There is nothing I would change about the sessions.  My only regret is when the class is over, and I will miss that wonderful time of learning with you. Thank you, Lucinda for being you.”

Kirsten Frey

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.
Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Reiki! Your practical, gentle, and joyful way of teaching gave me the confidence to move forward on my journey and to share this experience with others.
The combination of theory and practice worked so well and your thoughtful guidance was helpful throughout. I appreciated the course being divided into two days. The time in between was valuable for practice and gave us time to address questions that came up as a result.
The manual is well written and an excellent resource that I use regularly.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and beautiful heart with me! I sincerely enjoyed my time with you.

Working with Lucinda to obtain my Reiki Level 1 certification was a wonderful experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed her comprehensive, personalised approach to teaching the course material, and was very grateful of the extra time we were given to practice together. I particularly appreciated how open-minded and encouraging she was in helping us to identify, explore and further cultivate our intuition and individual aptitudes, as well as in providing guidance with how to assimilate other already-learned energy healing approaches in a complementary and synergistic fashion. This, when coupled with her experience and knowledge, formed the basis of a solid platform from which to build my confidence to pursue my energy healing path even farther than I had initially intended. I would definitely recommend Lucinda to anyone considering studying the way of Reiki, and look forward to taking my Level 2 with her in the near future.

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