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Hi, I’m Lucinda!

This Reiki Share Group is open to students of all types of Reiki and lineages, we welcome everyone who would like to join us, even if I have not been your teacher or you haven’t been able to practise for a long time.

At each Reiki Share, a donation of $10.00 is requested, to be paid to the hosting Reiki Master, thank you.

Kinds words from  Anne Vivash

Anne VivashIt had been a few years since I had done any Reiki treatments and although I was eager to get back into it, I was a little apprehensive and worried about what I might have forgotten.  However, Lucinda makes it so easy and totally takes away the “scary” factor, and she instils so much confidence in her students.  I am thrilled to be able to use this wonderful energy again.
Thanks again Anne

Reiki shares are typically held in my home, and I am extending an invitation to all Reiki Practitioners to attend one or more of my Reiki Shares. So often, we put ourselves last on our to-do lists, so  Reiki share is a wonderful opportunity to receive a treatment, set your cares aside for an hour and rejuvenate your energy!

I provide a safe supportive and professional environment, where all the practitioners can support each other’s personal journeys and learning.

Reiki-maleA Reiki Share is a gathering to allow Reiki students, teachers and practitioners to connect with other practitioners and to practice their energy healing skills. This group is a great place for you to share information and the gift of Reiki and to explore the world of energy healing and intuition.

Reiki treatments are given and received, usually one on one, but if there is time we usually will do short group treatments.

Even if you haven’t practised your Reiki skills for many years, this is a wonderful opportunity to reactivate your practice and experience.  There are many people who have taken a Reiki course and then haven’t kept up their practice and this is a great chance to jump in again – it’s just like riding a bike, you never lose the skill, as you can see by the testimonials on this page!

Kind words from Tracey

Good Morning Lucinda
I was so apprehensive about saying yes, to the Reiki Share invite,  as I had not practised since 2013, and was intimidated that my skills and technique were going to be quite rusty.   I was afraid I would not give a rewarding session to my share partner.    But I just have to say WOW – it really all does come back to you.  As soon as I placed my hands down the energy just seem to flow and connect and I felt the confidence come back to me.  How rewarding it was for me to have my partner feel energized and thankful for what I was able to do was a premium bonus.  Yesterday stimulated my mind to  want to start using this modality again in my practice and I feel a sense of being able to give back all over again.
When you greeted me yesterday and literally took me by the hand I felt this overall sense of “purpose for this day” and my anxiety lessened.  Thank you for the confidence that you had in me, when I didn’t have any in myself.  When I left I felt as though I was walking on air, and today I feel like a new women….I really needed, and enjoyed this share time. Thank you, Tracey

The more treatments you perform the more you build confidence in your abilities.

A Reiki share is a great way to experience different energies and increase your intuitive abilities.

Attending Reiki shares are also a great opportunity to earn the continuing education unit’s (CEU’s) required for registration into the Reiki Association of Canada.

The CEU’s form will be signed by the Reiki master hosting the event.

Go to and download your forms and bring them with you to each event.

We will begin and end with a short meditation, sending Reiki healing out to the world.

LucindaI am a Canadian Reiki Association Registered Teacher, and your attendance at each Reiki share will count towards your practice and CEU hours.

Please contact me if you would like to attend or would like more information.

I’d love to see you at one of our meetings!

More information about becoming a Reiki Practitioner here and here

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